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Exodus Edits Offers Compact World Adventure Tours for Busy 30-Somethings

As a society, we’re busier now than at any other time in history. Our available attention and free time are dwindling due to work obligations, social media, and an always-on connection to news through our smartphones. Americans, in particular, have far less vacation and personal time than people in most other developed countries. The question, then, is how to make the most of our limited time away from work? Exodus Travels has found a simple solution.

Exodus Edits is a carefully curated collection of 22 short guided trips perfect for time-strapped professionals in their 30s and 40s. Each tour is between four and 13 days, where every day is packed with plenty to see and do. These aren’t your typical “fly and flop” vacations with days spent sipping neon blue drinks on a beach in the Caribbean. The niche itineraries are active, engaging, and designed to showcase a specific aspect of a given destination.

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On Exodus Edits’ shortest and most leisurely itinerary — Fizz & Spritz in the Prosecco Hills — for example, tour-goers spend four days cycling and walking through Italy’s famed Veneto region. The more active Desert to Dead Sea in Jordan adventure spends nine days exploring the forests, deserts, and seas of Jordan. For a more challenging excursion, the Summit and Spices in Morocco “Edit” tackles North Africa’s highest peak, visits a traditional Hammam, dines on a rooftop in Medina, and explores the best of Marrakech — all in just five days.

Many Western countries, including the United States, value work and the concept of “keeping busy” above all else. Although there’s been a cultural shift away from that mentality, workplace “burnout” is still a real problem. Typical American employees average 20 or fewer personal days per year, and only 28% take advantage of that allotment. Exodus Travels’ Marketing Director, Robin Brooks, says, “Exodus Edits were created so busy young professionals can recharge, experience transformative moments alongside like-minded individuals, and forge a deeper connection with the world around them — without using all their vacation days at once.”

Exodus Travels offers more than 600 itineraries in more than 100 countries. If you’re keen to make the most of your vacation time for the foreseeable future, check out the company’s latest Life of Adventure travel contest. Three lucky winners will score one adventure trip per year for the next 25 years. But, the contest ends February 17, 2020, so you’ll have to act fast.

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