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Why You Should Buy a Stand-Up Paddleboard on Amazon Prime Day

The benefit of having Amazon Prime Day deals at the beginning of summer is that you can find discounts on the outdoor gear you need for the season. And while I do recommend supporting your local outdoor stores with your business, there is one item I think you should definitely buy on Prime Day — a stand-up paddleboard.

I am only a beginner at paddleboarding, but it has quickly become one of my favorite outdoor experiences. Unlike kayaking, you aren’t restricted to one position. You can sit, stand, or even lay down on your board if you feel like it. So if you’re looking to buy something special for your outdoor adventures on Prime Day, I highly recommend a stand-up paddleboard.

Why You Should Buy a Stand-up Paddleboard

One of the most intimidating aspects of recreational watersports for me is having to rent the gear. It’s never as simple as just going to a body of water and getting in, it requires both planning and rental fees to enjoy a paddle in the lake. Since I recently purchased my own inflatable paddleboard, however, it’s a lot easier to get out in the sun and enjoy one of the laziest water sports imaginable.

Removing the hassle of renting is really the main reason you should buy your own board. Beyond that, it’s really just the benefits of paddleboarding that I can recommend from my own experience. The freedom to sit, stand, and lay down is the main bonus for me. I am not a particularly well-balanced person, but I have no trouble staying on the board if I’m just sitting. And even if you do fall off your board, it’s incredibly easy to get right back on.

Another huge bonus to paddleboards is that they can double as tables. If you’re out on a calm lake and just so happened to bring a backpack cooler full of cheap beer, it’s all too convenient to just float with your beverage placed neatly on the board.

Amazon will have discounts on paddleboards for Prime Day

Traditionally, Amazon has at least a few really good deals on stand-up paddleboards for Prime Day. There are already a few discounts on name-brand inflatable paddleboards like Body Glove floating around, but if you are going to purchase one, you should wait until tomorrow.


Which Paddleboard Should You Buy?

Since I am not an expert paddleboarder, I will refrain from recommending any specific models. I personally have the Body Glove Performer 11, which is an inflatable paddleboard, and it works great. If you have no idea where to even start looking, however, I can offer some general advice about the two different types of paddleboards.

Inflatable vs Non-inflatable Stand-up Paddleboards

Inflatable paddleboards are one of the most affordable and convenient options available. If you don’t have a roof rack to carry a huge board down to your local lake or river, then going inflatable is a great option. The only downside is that you have to inflate the board yourself and it can be a bit of a chore.

If you do have a way of storing and transporting a full-on board, then I do recommend buying one. While the inflatable boards are surprisingly good, they aren’t nearly as fast or maneuverable in the water. The main downside of buying a regular paddleboard, however, is that they are usually more expensive. You also aren’t likely to find a whole lot of options online during Prime Day.

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