What Is Après Ski: A Quick Guide to Post-Skiing Fun

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines après ski as the “social activity … after a day’s skiing.” That “social activity” can be out at a bar, pub, or club. It can also be curled up in front of the fire in the cabin with friends.

Tips for Going Out

To go out après ski, you need to find a place for some snacks and then possibly another to break out the dance moves. But first, some ground rules.

Your No. 1 consideration: know how you’re getting home. Whether you’re skiing down the mountain after a few brews or stumbling down Main Street in a resort town, have a safe plan for getting home. Remember the altitude. Some mountain cities are almost as high as the ski mountains. That attitude is going to affect how fast the alcohol hits and you might be skiing again the next day.

What to wear? It’s totally cool to wear your ski gear — even your boots might be cool to dance in depending on the location. Swanky upscale places might require a change, but for dive bars, you can keep your goggles on.

Finally, be friendly! Chat with the locals, find the best drinks, and enjoy some live music. The ski culture is one of the best parts of skiing.

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Tips for Staying In

To stay in, a cabin or condo close to where you’re skiing is the ideal location, preferably with a nice fireplace or hot tub. Warm up the hot chocolates with peppermint Schnapps right after skiing to cut the cold, then turn to your favorite brews.

Need some gear? The cork-backed No Bounds XL speaker from Marley is a great option for indoor and outdoor tunes. Don’t worry about dropping it in the hot tub — it’s waterproof and floats. If you’re still cold. jump under the 10-foot-by-10-foot Big Blanket. It’s warm, soft, and can fit all your friends underneath.

Visiting a ski town is the best time to find out what the local specialties are and branch out a little.

Our Favorite Après Ski Activities

Of course, we’d probably just be dozing in the hot tub if it weren’t for the drinks. Visiting a ski town is the best time to find out what the local specialties are and branch out a little.

Music is usually part of Après, whether it’s a live rock concert or jump-till-you-can’t-feel-your-feet EDM showcase. In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for 40 years and counting, you can find ski and snowboard hall of fame member Bill Briggs perform with his band at Stagecoach on Sundays. In Lake Tahoe, look out for DJ Cat, a DJ booth and massive sound system that opens up the back of a snowcat that roams around the mountain.

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If you’re into drinking Champagne (not just enjoying the powder), find the mobile pop-up Champagne bar that’s towed around Aspen, Colorado, on a snowcat. Skiing is required to exit the drinking area.

Breckenridge, Colorado, is one of the busiest ski destinations in the United States, but that doesn’t mean it’s all big-box stores. Try one of the 28 beers on tap or 40 other bottled or canned varieties at Après Handcrafted Libations. Small-batch bourbon and whiskey, as well as hand-crafted cocktails, are also on the menu.

Hot chocolate is a favorite at the end of a cold ski day but sometimes it doesn’t quite cut it for entertainment value. If you’re in Whitefish, Montana, swing downtown to Spotted Bear Spirits for a Powder Day, a hot drink made with peppermint tea, organic cacao powder, vodka, a touch of sugar topped, and whipped cream topped off with a mint leaf and grated organic milk chocolate.

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