Sled Legs: Silly or Sledding Game Changer?

sled legs

Every once in a while a new product comes out that makes you question everything you once thought you knew.

While Sled Legs might not be the product to push you into an existential crisis revolving around the questions of “what is real,” they do inspire the type of deep thought required to answer this particular question: Are these the most amazing innovation to the sledding world since, well, sleds, or are they simply just silly?

The answer may fall somewhere in between. Yes, strapping individual sleds to your shins looks silly–but people also thought carrying umbrellas was a stupid idea until some rich guy went for it and everyone else followed suit. So, you can’t really make a judgement based on appearances.sled legs

But, what you can make a judgement on is experiences. And sled legs offers a tremendously fun experience for a relatively low cost. Retailing for $65, sled legs fits on anyone five feet tall or over (and under 250 pounds), making this a great gift for any guy in your life. And, the best thing about sled legs is the fact that they eliminate the sled, so you’re not carrying a ten or fifteen pound toboggan up the same hill all day.

Sled Legs feature foam inserts that physically rest next to your legs providing grip and padding to soften any hard hits that may come from an over-exuberant jump or a hidden rock. Adjustable leg straps allow sled legs to fit almost anyone, and the recessed knee and foot area provide freedom of movement when walking or running. A durable plastic shell, contour cutouts, and control runners on Sled Legs allow for easy maneuvering and switchback passes, rather than just a straight descent.

To get started with Sled Legs, just strap them on, get to the top of a hill, run, slide, and go. It’s as easy and fun as that. Don’t believe us? Check out the video above and try to tell us these guys aren’t having the best time of their lives. Try it and let yourself decide.

Sled Legs are currently available for purchase and will be ready for shipping by January, 2017. Find out more at