Sealander is the Floating Camper You Didn’t Know You Needed

Camping under the night sky is great, but what do you do when solid ground just seems… predictable?

Enter Sealander – one of the first towable trailers meant for both ground and waterborne camping.

German designer Daniel Straub developed the concept that officially went on sale in 2014. It’s sold 50 units since then in a rather grassroots campaign.

“It’s for someone that needs more flexibility and freedom in a vacation,” he says.

And that adventurer will get it through a unique design. The teardrop shape encloses space for up to six people with double-tinted panoramic glass to enjoy the skies above. It also features a polyester/fiberglass convertible top to feel the aqua breeze as you churn along at around five miles per hour. (Sealander has a small outboard motor meant for wading more than moving at any sort of speed.)

The whole thing is light enough to be towed by a car the size of a VW Golf.

As far as creature comforts, Sealander will sleep two comfortably. Both benches fold out into a bed and its small kitchen can be optioned with a sink and fresh water tank. From there, the add-ons can turn the trailer into a solid living option. Buyers can customize their Sealander with everything from power converters and a shower to a barbeque (which may make you the envy of every other boater on the lake).

We’d also want to add the $500 Audio Package to play music while we’re having a party on the water (also a good idea to have a connection to land beyond a cell phone).

As far as what’s coming next, Straub and his team are working on a new, much bigger Sealander concept that will come to life in 2019. According to Straub, it will be more of a traditional trailer and may not have its own engine.

Sealander starts right around $17,000, but is only available in Canada and Europe. However, the company assures buyers that the trailer does meet worldwide safety standards. You can start your own marine journey here.

Images Courtesy of Sealander