No Boat? No Problem! Rent Someone Else’s With GetMyBoat.

Thanks to the sharing economy, it’s possible that few of us will actually own anything in the future. Need a beach villa for your next Hawaiian vacation? Airbnb at someone else’s. Looking for an exotic rental car in Prague? Find a local on DriveShare who isn’t using there’s. Even outdoor gear is rentable through sites like Gearo. Now, if you need a boat, GetMyBoat is looking to, well, get you a boat wherever and whenever you need one.

getmyboat boat rental people on a nautique g21 in austrua

GetMyBoat boasts a massive inventory of rental watercraft. The site operates in 184 countries and 9,300 destinations with more than 108,000 listings. These include a surprising number of options for just about any budget. There are plenty of catamarans and yachts — like this 49-footer in Tortola and this 40-foot VanDutch luxury day boat in Newport Beach — for those seeking a high-end, by-the-hour charter experience. In some cases, a captain and crew can even be provided, so you’ll never have to lift a finger. However, the site also includes smaller, more affordable watercraft for the everyman. Kayaks, paddleboards, Jet Skis, and pontoon boats are all on offer with some starting at just $100 per day.

getmyboat boat rental get my mobile site

The rental process can be a bit more complex than renting, say, a spot on somebody’s futon on Airbnb. The steps involved depend largely on the type and price of the boat in question. Owners, of course, want to protect their investment and they tend to be more selective about who they rent to. For higher-end watercraft, renters may be asked to provide details like their level of experience on the water, the number of years they’ve been boating, and what types of watercraft they’ve previously rented or chartered. Damage deposits can be substantial if you’re eyeing an especially luxurious pleasurecraft.

The flipside is that owners can make a boatload (get it?) of cash by renting out their watercraft when not in use. Considering that most boats spend more time on the trailer or at the marina than out on the water, the site has the potential to be a great side hustle.

Like most sharing economy websites, it’s free to register for GetMyBoat. The site takes only a nominal cut during the booking process.


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