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This Pit Boss Combo Grill Got an Unbelievable Deal at Walmart Today

Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate Combo Grill on white background.
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Nothing beats summer cooking, with delicious meats, veggies, and whatever else you want to grill up roasting slowly on the grates — except, of course, getting in on some awesome grill deals, or even some great smoker deals. It’s the perfect time to replace your grill, or grab a new one! Plus, with summer still happening, and fall soon after, you’ll have plenty of time to hang out and cook out.

Walmart is offering an incredible deal on the Pit Boss Ultimate 4-in-1 Combo Grill right now. This thing is a beast, too, as it’s a standard gas grill, charcoal grill, and smoker, all in one. You can get it for $497, which is $95 off. Freight delivery is an extra $50, or you can pick up the grill at a local store if they have one available near you.

Before deciding on a grill, it helps to look over some cooking guides. For example, you can learn how to grill a filet mignon, or you can fire up some tender and delicious chicken. Knowing how to grill fish is also an essential skill. But in the end, nothing can truly prepare you like adding some food to your grill and just getting it done. With the Pit Boss Ultimate Grill you don’t have to choose between gas, charcoal, or a separate smoker — you get it all in one system.

What’s more amazing is that the total cooking area is over 2,000 square inches. Broken down, you get 1,327 square inches in the main grilling area, and 840 square inches in an electric smoker. That main cooking area can be powered by either gas or charcoal-based fuel. The electric element is 1,500W and quite powerful. You get shelves on either side of the grill, each with utensil hooks you can use to mount your spatula and other tools. That leaves plenty of space on top for your condiments, meats, plates, and other gear. It is a massive system, and there’s plenty of cooking space, plenty of storage, and plenty to do!

Normally $592, Walmart is currently offering the grill for $497, which is $95 off the regular price. Although shipping is not included, and freight delivery is $50, that’s still a reasonable price for such a bulky item. You will have to assemble the grill when it arrives, but it’s fairly easy to do. What are you waiting for? Grab this beast of a grill while you can!

More Grill and Smoker Deals Available Now

Not sold on the Pit Boss cooker? No problem! We rounded up all of the best grill and smoker deals that are live right now. You can check those out below!

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