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Save Over $100 off a Kamado Joe Grill With This Deal at Walmart

The Kamado Joe Classic Grill with side shelves set up and ready to cook.

For cookouts, glamping, or just a day by the pool — or out in the yard — you deserve a worthy grill and burner. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the latest grill deals, or maybe even some of the latest smoker deals, in case you find something you like. They always include the lowest and best offers for outfitting your home.

You could also spring for the Kamado Joe Classic, which is on sale today at Walmart for $130 off. It’s an 18-inch charcoal burner in a stunning blaze red, and it’s just $670 plus freight delivery. Freight delivery is an extra $50, but it’s necessary for something this bulky. Plus, the $130 off more than makes up for it. Check it out!

If you want a charcoal grill that will bring out a smoky flavor in cooked meat, you can’t go wrong with a Kamado-style grill. But in this case, the Kamado Joe Classic is a genuine Kamado grill. It’s an 18-inch ceramic grill sitting atop a cast iron cart, so it’s durable, heat-resistant, and ready to rock and roll. It comes with foldable side shelves, which are sturdy enough to hold your supplies, utensils, and more. Fastening hooks also provide more space to hang tools and utensils.

It features a 2-tier “divide and conquer” setup with a grate that has a multi-level design for cooking different foods, at varying temperatures, simultaneously. A cast iron top vent maintains a consistent air setting, whether you’re cooking, grilling, or searing. A unique, and patented, ash drawer slides out to make cleanup easy, so you can dump ashes during cookout sessions without shutting down the grill. A built-in thermometer, stainless steel cooking grates, and a grill gripper are additional features.

Normally $800, Walmart is offering the Kamado Joe Classic grill for $670 with freight delivery for an additional $50. Pickup may or may not be available in select locations. Either way, this is an excellent deal for a premium grill with the genuine Kamado name. Go smoke some meats!

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