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The New Exod Ark Might Be the World’s Most Advanced Camp Shelter

Camping technology has advanced more in the last three decades than in the previous 2,000 years of human history. Ultra-durable, weatherproof, lightweight materials now make everything from jackets to backpacks to tents better than ever before. Outdoor shelters, in particular, are a far cry from what your pappy used in the Boy Scouts — outdoor shelters like the soon-to-be-released Exod Ark.

Exod Ark

In the company’s own words, the Exod Ark is “the most versatile shelter ever.” Among a sea of premium, high-tech alternatives, those are fighting words. But, given the Ark’s unique construction, there may be some truth in Exod’s claim. The innovative design combines the protection, insulation, and stability of a tent with the ease of setup, versatility, and ground elevation of a hammock. Instead of traditional tent poles, the Ark relies on an inflatable tubular exoskeleton, meaning it’s lightweight and extremely easy to set up. Using any standard air pump, the shell inflates in as little as 30 seconds. The airy, two-person interior features double doors, four closable vents, a crystal clear “sunroof” with fabric shutters, and an accessory storage area, all covered by a single-wall, breathable, waterproof fabric. Exod promises a total setup time of just one minute.

Exod Ark

Campers looking to expand the Ark’s versatility can upgrade to the optional Carbn Frme and Nfinite Strap systems for an elevated basecamp experience. The telescoping carbon frame was inspired by military emergency stretcher technology and ensures a stable, rapidly deployable tent base. The 20-meter-long straps offer multiple anchor points for maximum versatility and “hangability.” Together, the patented system allows the Ark to be suspended like a hammock between two trees (or a tree and a vehicle, a tree and a boulder, etc.). This optional system can also be used to hang the Ark from a single overhead point, like a large branch or under a bridge. The stretched canvas floor provides a more stable sleep surface, while built-in rack storage underneath offers extra space for outdoor gear.

Exod Ark

All this innovation doesn’t come cheap. When the Exod Ark is officially released, it’s expected to retail for around USD $3,300, including the Ark tent, Carbon Frme, and NFinite Strap. Early-bird buyers can lock-in a discounted price of USD $2,300 for the same kit.

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