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Why You Need the ChappyWrap Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket

Sometimes, we simply need some warmth. But when we’re out camping, we’re out sailing, or even when we’re out to cheer on our favorite team at the stadium, it feels awkward to haul along a typical bedroom blanket.

“With Chappy warmth on one side, and water-resistant Boathouse Supplex® on the reverse, your outing stays covered, cozy, and dry,” is how ChappyWrap describes its Fair Winds Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket. Does it really work like this? I’ve recently had the opportunity to try this ChappyWrap blanket on my own bed, and out in the wild. Here’s how it’s been going.

What’s the Deal With the ChappyWrap Outdoor Blanket?

A full view of the ChappyWrap Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket

For its new blanket, ChappyWrap partnered with the experts at Boathouse Sports to develop the best water-resistant blanket that can actually survive the harsh elements outside while also helping you survive the cold. As the crew at ChappyWrap describe it, it sought “to create a warm and water-resistant hybrid design that’s made for any adventure in the great outdoors — campsite to stadium to boat.”

Since ChappyWrap only offers this specific blanket in its midi size (which is roughly 38 by 57 inches), that’s the type of blanket I’ve been using. If you prefer larger blankets, ChappyWrap offers its Original (60 by 80 inches) and Royal (90 by 90 inches) size blankets, but keep in mind the water-resistant outdoor blankets currently come in midi size only.

How Does This Blanket Work in Bed (and Wherever Else You Need It)?

The soft blanket side of the ChappyWrap Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket

What’s so nice about the ChappyWrap Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket is that it’s versatile. If you need a throw blanket in the living room, this blanket will work there. If you need a blanket for next weekend’s sunset cruise, this blanket will work there. If you need a blanket for your next camping trip, this blanket will work there. If you need a cute blanket to place at the foot of your bed at home, this blanket will work there.

The water-resistant side of the blanket has the same type of material (Boathouse Supplex, which is Boathouse’s patented nylon fabric) that’s often used for windbreaker jackets and raincoats, while the plush side of the blanket is a cotton-acrylic-polyester blend. The water-resistant side feels tougher for obvious reasons, while the plush side feels very soft.

What Are the Features of the ChappyWrap Outdoor Blanket?

A close-up showing both sides of the ChappyWrap Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket.

If you’re curious about what exactly this blanket is, here are all the critical details:

  • Measures approximately 38 by 57 inches
  • All blankets have a navy blue water-resistant side, while the plush blanket side is available in “True North,” “Classic Wavy Stripe,” “Fair Winds Navy,” and “Casco Bay Stripe”
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Resistant to shrinking, pilling, and fuzz
  • Jacquard-woven design
  • Blanket side is a natural cotton blend: 58% cotton, 35% acrylic, 7% polyester
  • Water-resistant side is 100% nylon

What Do I Like About the ChappyWrap Outdoor Blanket?

A glimpse of the ChappyWrap Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket in my home
Andrew Davey/The Manual
  • It’s comfortably cozy: Particularly the plush side feels great over me in bed, and it feels awesome when I use it outside as well.
  • It’s sturdy: Even after using it outside and cleaning it, the blanket still looks and feels great.
  • It’s beautiful: I have the “Fair Winds Navy” sailboat pattern blanket, and I love this look. If you don’t want sailboats on your blanket, you have other stylish options to choose from.
  • It’s low maintenance: As long as you follow the instructions on the tag (and on the website), your ChappyWrap blanket should be fine in the washer and the dryer.

What Do I Not Like About the ChappyWrap Outdoor Blanket?

A glimpse of the ChappyWrap Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket in my home.
Andrew Davey/The Manual
  • It’s small: If you’re big and tall, or even if you fall within the normal range of adult body sizes, don’t expect this blanket to cover you entirely. You can use it for leg coverage or torso coverage, but almost certainly not both.
  • That’s it! I honestly can’t think of any other drawbacks.

FAQs for the ChappyWrap Outdoor Blanket

The water-resistant side of the ChappyWrap Water Resistant Outdoor Blanket

In case you have more questions, here are a few answers.

How Comfortable Is It, Really?

It truly feels as great as they say it does.

Is It Truly Water Resistant?

Yes. If you use the blanket with the water-resistant side facing out, you should be good. Even if you accidentally use it the other way, the water-resistant side should still work perfectly, but it may not feel as comfortable with the nylon touching your skin. Still, it’s machine washable, so it probably won’t be the end of the world if you use it inside out.

What Are ChappyWrap’s Return and Warranty Policies?

If you don’t like your ChappyWrap for whatever reason, you can return it for an exchange or refund within 30 days of the purchase date. ChappyWrap also provides exchanges for defective blankets.

What If I Don’t Like Any of the Patterns and Colors?

Unfortunately, these are the patterns and colors that ChappyWrap offers. If there’s no way I can convince you to give ChappyWrap’s tastefully colorful blankets a try, you should take a look at some of the other outdoor-friendly blankets that we’ve tested and reviewed for you.

Should You Buy the ChappyWrap Outdoor Blanket?

The entire collection of ChappyWrap Fair Winds Navy Water Resistant Outdoor Blankets hang out at the stadium

In my very humble opinion: Absolutely, yes! Some might consider ChappyWrap’s blankets a bit pricey (this one clocks in at $115), but I’m honestly convinced that it’s very much worth it. It’s convenient, versatile, pretty, and cozy. It’s the best outdoor blanket. It basically checks all the boxes.

If you need more help in preparing for your next big outdoor adventure, check out our picks for America’s best outdoor stores, our handy-dandy backpacking checklist, and these 6 best gifts for dedicated hikers. Now get out there and have some fun exploring the great outdoors!

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