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Report: These are the best stargazing spots in the U.S.

Where should you go to stargaze this summer? Here's the list!

A man stargazing.
Joshua Earle/Unsplash

If you’re eager to witness the beauty of the night sky, this summer is the perfect time to go on a stargazing adventure. However, choosing the right stargazing spot can make or break your experience. If you’re sick of searching for “best places to stargaze near me,” check out this list by HomeToGo, a vacation rental booking site. These experts have analyzed a bunch of data to help uncover the best places to stay and stargaze this summer.

From cloud cover, solitude, and accommodation availability and price, here are the top five stargazing locations in America, according to HomeToGo.

Westcliffe & Silver Cliff, Colorado

Clear skies: 8.40

Solitude: 9.70

Accommodation Affordability: 9.60

Accommodation Availability: 5.60

Total Score: 33.30

Nestled in the picturesque state of Colorado, Westcliffe & Silver Cliff offer stargazers a dreamlike experience. With a remarkable score of 8.40 for clear skies, 9.70 for solitude, and 9.60 for accommodation affordability, this destination provides the perfect setting for celestial observation. Be warned, though: you’ll be standing at an altitude of 8,000 feet (which makes for a cool stargazing experience, but could mean an adjustment depending on the altitude you’re used to).

Dripping Spring, Arizona

Clear skies: 8.10

Solitude: 9.90

Accommodation Affordability: 9.10

Accommodation Availability: 5.60

Total Score: 32.80

Dripping Spring in Arizona provides an ideal atmosphere for stargazing enthusiasts seeking tranquility and breathtaking celestial views. Enjoy the vast expanse of the desert during the day, and as night falls, be mesmerized by the twinkling stars above.

Harmony, Florida

Clear skies: 10.00

Solitude: 7.40

Accommodation Affordability: 9.70

Accommodation Availability: 5.00

Total Score: 32.10

For those looking to combine stargazing with a relaxing getaway, Harmony, Florida, is an excellent choice. With a perfect score of 10.00 for clear skies and moderate scores for accommodation affordability and availability, Harmony offers a delightful experience. (It’s also less than an hour away from Orlando by car, making it a great option if you’re bringing kids along on your trip and might have a need for a daytime distraction.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Clear skies: 8.30

Solitude: 5.00

Accommodation Affordability: 8.70

Accommodation Availability: 10.00

Total Score:32

Flagstaff, Arizona, is renowned for its stargazing opportunities, earning a score of 8.30 for clear skies and 8.70 for accommodation affordability. While solitude may not be as high as in other locations, Flagstaff compensates with its vibrant stargazing community and numerous amenities. (Plus, there will be plenty for you to do during the day.) If you choose this location, don’t miss the Lowell Observatory.

Sedona in Arizona

Clear skies: 7.10

Solitude: 7.80

Accommodation Affordability: 6.90

Accommodation Availability: 9.70

Total Score: 31.50

Surrounded by stunning red rock formations, Sedona in Arizona ties for fifth place. With decent scores for solitude, accommodation affordability, and availability, Sedona provides a memorable stargazing getaway. Take a Pink Jeep Tour by day (or explore those red rocks however you prefer) and then settle in for the night.

Beverly Shores, Indiana

Clear skies: 8.10

Solitude: 9.30

Accommodation Affordability: 9.00

Accommodation Availability: 5.10

Total Score: 31.50

Tying in 5th place with Sedona, Beverly Shores offers stargazers a serene and peaceful environment for observing the night sky. With a respectable score of 8.10 for clear skies and an impressive 9.30 for solitude, this destination provides an excellent opportunity to connect with the stars. It’s also a great option for anyone looking for a stargazing spot a little bit closer to the Midwest.

The accommodation affordability score of 9.00 ensures that you can enjoy your stargazing experience without breaking the bank. Though, not surprisingly, the accommodation availability score is slightly lower at 5.10. Planning ahead and booking in advance will help secure your spot in this charming stargazing location.

From the clear skies and solitude of Westcliffe & Silver Cliff in Colorado to the tranquil beauty of Dripping Spring, Arizona, you’re bound to find a stargazing location that’s perfect for you. If you aren’t able to make it to one of these locations, choose a large, open location that’s far away from light pollution and has a high altitude. Have a great time out there!

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