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Best Labor Day Grill Sales 2021: Best Deals You Can Shop Today

Your timing is impeccable if you’re shopping for Labor Day grill deals today. During the past two weeks, we saw unprecedented levels of early Labor Day sales leading up to today. We’re especially pumped about 2021’s Labor Day grill sales, because they build on the boosted interest in cooking at home that began in 2020 due to the pandemic, and on outdoor activities, another focus in staying healthy. Seasonality is also a factor as summer’s end is near. Merchants with full inventories of outdoor cooking equipment and accessories have incredible Labor Day grill deals. We’ve listed the hottest grill deals available today below so you can take advantage of this sale.

Labor Day Grill Deals 2021

Bring your grill favorites on your next family vacation and cook it in the Portable Gas Grill. No need to worry about using various utensils, as you will be needing at least two. more
Everything is top quality and high performance with the Weber Genesis II propane grill with 4 high-performance burners, a side burner, and a searing station. more
This grill holds up to 13 burgers and has a built-in lid thermometer. One-touch cleaning system with high-capacity ash catcher provides easy cleanup. more
Save even more with last year's model, a 2020 upgrade to this versatile 8-in-1 grill and smoker. 700 square inches cooking space. more
Having a backyard party? Grill your favorite marinated meat in the Deluxe Grill. Designed with four burners, you can also grill various flavors of meat and other barbeque favorites. more
For a convenient way to grill your BBQ favorites, the Folding Grill Set got you covered. It is built with two air vents on each side for temperature control. more
You can easily carry this charcoal grill, making it perfect for picnics, camping, and more. It's built with wooden handles, so no worries of burning your hands. more
Step up your backyard cooking with this 2-burner gas grill's upgraded ignition system, burners, and grease management. more
This model pellet grill and smoker is a 2021 upgrade with 8-in-1 functions and automatic temperature control. 700 square inches cooking space. more
Make your house party perfect by serving dishes cooked in this five-burner liquid propane grill. There's no need to preheat because of its quick start-up feature. more
Porcelain-enabled lid and box make it easy to clean this powerful 2-burner gas grill and heavy duty casters make it easy to move around. more
This charcoal grill by Cuisinart has a 150-square-inch cooking area measuring 14 inches across for a balanced mix between portability and functionality, complete with a firebox and ash catcher. more
Get this 2021 upgrade for the Z Grills model ZPg-700D. Bronze case with 8-in-1 functionality plus a free cover. more
The Weber Jumbo Joe charcoal grill spans an enormous 18 inches, allowing it to cook up to eight burgers at the same time while still managing to stay portable enough to take anywhere on the go. more
This can be your all-in-one grill as it covers your various style of cooking, from baked to air fried. Shelves are provided to easily keep your cooking utensils. more
This space-saving grill makes food good for three to four people at a time. It is very convenient as you can bring it to any family grill party. more
Built with a modern tech design, the Austin XL has a full-function LED control to turn the grill on and off. Prepare delicious food for any occasion whether it is baked or grilled. more
The Cuisinart Portable Grill has dual venting system to control the heat whether you want slow cook or not. This grill is perfect for on-the-go grilling. more
Up-level your grilling experience with this Weber propane grill with searing station and warming rack. Porcelain-enameled grates help cooking consistency. more
This Outsunny charcoal grill can cater to all your barbecue needs. It's designed with storage shelves, so you can easily reach utensils, food, and other accessories. more
Enjoy restaurant-style smoky meat flavor with this wood pellet grill. You can clean this hassle-free with its easy ash removal feature. Enjoy your grilled food and indulge in every bite. more
For an easy access grilling, the Mini Barrel Grill can help you save time in preparing. Built with wheels, you can bring it anywhere for your convenience. more
This grill has a built-in thermometer to control the temperature and make the best out of your favorite grilled meat. It is designed with extra space for easy storage. more
If you want to grill while saving space and gas, this Weber Q1400 electric grill has a cooking area of 180 square inches with a 6-foot-long grounded cord and a stylish aesthetic. more
If you are looking for a high-quality portable gas grill, this chrome Weber portable propane grill has a stainless steel burner, porcelain-enabled cooking grates, and cast aluminum body and lid. more
Provided with 2 charcoal trays, the Dual Chamber Charcoal Grill can be used to cook two foods that need different temperature. more
Smart grill compatible with iGrill 3 app includes high-performance burners, advanced ignition system, searing burner, side burner, and warming rack. Easy clean porcelain-enameled cooking grates. more
Why stay in one place? Take your grill with you with this portable Weber propane gas grill mounted on an easy rolling cart. Cook up to 15 burgers at once. more
Get a heavy-duty and lightweight grill from Meco, such as the Americana Portable Grill. There's no hassle in bringing it anywhere you hold a party or other outdoor events. more
With 424 square inches of grilling space, this Weber grill allows you to cook multiple food items on its porcelain-enameled cast iron grates. It also comes with a warming rack to let meats rest. more

Should You Buy a Grill on Labor Day?

Despite the abundance of Labor Day grill sales, do you wonder if this is a good time to buy a new grill? We believe Labor Day 2021 is not only the best time to buy a grill this year, but also the best time of the past several years. There are three reasons why we think you should take advantage of this year’s Labor Day grill deals and they all have to do with higher than normal inventories: The continued increase in interest in home cooking;  the ongoing trend to more outdoor entertaining at home with the rise of outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and patio heaters; and seasonal inventory clearance.

When we realized that the COVID-19 pandemic was going to mean more time at home than during previous years, including remote working and learning, we changed our spending focus. Many of us decided to use the money we weren’t spending going out or on trips or vacations to make our homes more attractive, more functional, and more fun. Restaurants were closed and even though home delivery services were on the upswing, many people were newly focused on doing their own meal preparation and cooking. As a result, sales of cooking appliances both large and small increased dramatically, in some cases to the point of price pain as factories shut down for months and supply chain and shipment issues continued to threaten retailer inventories. Merchants don’t like empty shelves and warehouses, so many bumped up their future merchandise orders much higher than usual.

The pandemic was not responsible for outdoor kitchens, that trend started about a decade ago, but the growing interest in outdoor entertainment and cooking spaces also influenced manufacturers’ production levels and merchants’ inventory levels.

And finally, summer is coming to a close. More people grill year-round now, but the focus is still greatest during the summer. Prices for new grills are highest in the spring at the start of the grilling season, but now merchants are ready to sell down their inventories. Inventory balancing is a science, but it’s also an art and many merchants are holding larger than usual inventories of grills of all types. Seasonal sales are a given, but this year the savings on Labor Day grill deals may be the best in years both past and future.

How to Choose a Grill on Labor Day

If you’ve made the decision to take advantage of this year’s Labor Day grill deals, we suggest that you don’t buy based on price alone, or at least don’t just go for the greatest savings without being sure that your new grill meets your needs and fits your budget. All sales aren’t equal and just because some Labor Day grill sales have mind-blowing discounts, be sure to focus on what you need and do your research to be sure the price savings stated in a sale are accurate. In addition to those general caveats, consider the grill’s fuel type, size, and features.

If you are an experienced griller, you already know whether you want a grill that cooks with charcoal, liquid propane gas (LPG), wood, wood pellets, or any combination of the above. Charcoal grills are the most common grills with the longest history, but many people don’t like to wait for the charcoal to burn to the proper state for cooking. LPG-fueled grills are also plentiful and they’re usually ready to cook within a few minutes. Most outdoor cooks find it easier to control temperatures and maintain different temperature cooking zones on a grill surface with propane grills than with charcoal grills.

Cooking with seasoned hardwood or with cooking-grade wood pellets are less common than grilling with charcoal or propane. Grillers who buy wood or pellet grills are usually experienced outdoor cooks who prize specific features of those fuel sources such as when they are used for smoking meats or fish or for long-term, unattended cooking. Wood chips or logs are commonly used for smoking food and wood pellets with self-feeding pellet hoppers are great if you want to cook food for 6, 12, or more hours but don’t want to have to tend the fire often. Electric grills that you can use inside or outside have a great advantage on those inevitable days when it starts to rain when you step onto the patio to begin grilling.

The size of the grill matters, too. If you’re grilling just for yourself and maybe one or two others, the smallest grills will be the most efficient, the easiest to move around, easiest to clean, and easiest on your wallet. Loading up a huge kettle grill with half a bag of charcoal to cook four burgers is not worth the expense. On the other hand, if you regularly grill for groups of six or more people and, even more so, if you grill meat, fish, and vegetables at the same time, you’ll want a large grill and will probably opt for a propane grill with four or more burners. Unless you’re buying a grill to fit in existing outdoor kitchen cabinetry, you don’t need to worry about specific dimensions, but small, medium, and large definitely apply. One of the greatest benefits of small grills is that they’re often easy to take to different locations, plus they cost so little that you can afford to buy more than one for those times when you cook for a crowd.

The last consideration is extra features on a grill. I have a 17-year-old 3-burner Weber propane grill with a single side burner. The grill works fine after 17 years, but I’ve never used the side burner. You’ll find grills with rotisserie attachments, food warmers, different types of thermometers, and a whole raft of extra features. If you like using all the features for fun or because they make the grilling experience and your cooking that much better, go for it. If you just want a grill that cooks your food, however, skipping the extras can help keep your budget intact.

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