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The 7 Best Bug-Out Bags to Prep for Survival

Hurricanes, locust swarms, alien invasions, global coronavirus pandemics — no matter where you live, you’re at risk. Even if you’re unconvinced of the impending apocalypse, it pays to prepare with an emergency kit and a plan of action. Packing a reliable bug-out bag (also known as a “48-hour bag,” a “go bag,” or just “BOB”) in advance can be tedious, however. There’s a lot to consider, and it’s critical not to overlook anything. For the lazy or “survival-challenged,” though, these pre-packed survival bags offer everything you need in a ready-made, grab-and-go format. So, when disaster strikes, you’re ready.

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Uncharted Supply Seventy2 Pro Survival System

Uncharted Supply Seventy2 Pro Survival System

Uncharted Supply based its original Seventy2 Survival System on the idea that most survival situations are resolved within 72 hours (hence the name). The all-new Seventy2 Pro builds on the company’s mainstay pack but with upgraded, professional-grade gear inside. It’s designed to provide everything two people might need to survive in the wake of any emergency, from a broken-down car to a catastrophic hurricane to the rapture. The waterproof Hypalon shell is ultra-durable and even doubles as a flotation device. Inside, the kit includes a long list of essentials, from a full-tang survival knife and stainless steel water bottle to anti-fog ski goggles and a premium first-aid kit. A screen-printed insert outlines various survival tips and techniques, so you can look like you actually know what you’re doing.

Sustain Supply Co. Comfort 2 Emergency Bag

Sustain Supply Co. Comfort 2 Emergency Bag

Like the Seventy2Pro, Sustain Supply Co.’s Comfort2 emergency bag has you covered with enough food, water, water sources, and supplies to get you and a partner through that critical 72-hour window. Inside the streamlined backpack, you’ll find a craft knife, an LED lantern, emergency blankets, a first-aid kit, a cordage bundle, survival straws for water purification, and more. Plus, a pack of bath wipes ensures you needn’t ride out the storm smelling like a corpse. It’s not as heavy-duty as the Seventy2 Pro, but it does cost less than half as much. To double your survival time, upgrade to the Comfort4 bug-out bag, which features enough supplies for a family of four.

Uncharted Supply The Basecamp

Uncharted Supply The Basecamp Survival Box

This flagship entry from Uncharted Supply is for those who only opt for the best. And, really, when you and your family’s lives could depend on it, what’s a few hundred dollars extra? New for 2020, The Basecamp packs everything a family of four could need into a nearly indestructible Yeti GoBox. The medium-sized cooler box includes cold-weather gear, chemical lights, tents, first aid supplies, survival tools, and a host of other essentials most of us would probably never even think to pack in our own DIY survival bag.

Echo-Sigma Get Home Bag

Echo-Sigma Get Home Survival Go Bag

The aptly named Get Home Bag from Echo-Sigma is designed to help you — wait for it — get home safe after a 72-hour emergency. It’s billed as a mid-sized disaster preparedness kit with enough essentials for two. Inside, you’ll find up to three days of food and water, an SOG micro toolclip, a handheld flashlight, a compact first aid kit, and even an emergency tent. Plus, it’s all wrapped in a badass, military-inspired shell, because who doesn’t want to look good while running for their life?

Emergency Zone 72-Hour Survival Kit / Go Bag

Emergency Zone 72-Hour Survival Kit / Go Bag

Emergency Zone’s dead-simple Go Bag packs 72 hours’ worth of necessary kit into a nondescript backpack no larger than a typical book bag that weighs about 15 pounds. Inside, you’ll find filtered water pouches, energy bars, and purification tools in case you need to gather and filter additional water along the way. The well-stocked first aid kit includes industrial-grade N95 face masks, plus 100 types of wraps and bandages. Other basic tools include a multitool, rope, a flashlight, chemical light sticks, and more. Upgrade to the larger, four-person survival bag for just $40 more.

Monoki First Aid Survival Kit

Monoki First Aid Survival Kit

Though not as full-featured as the alternatives on this list, Monoki’s First Aid Survival Kit is a pared-down solution best for soon-to-be-survivalists on a budget. As the name implies, its contents are focused mainly on providing first aid and tending to wounds. The 302-piece inventory also includes other essentials like an LED flashlight, emergency blanket, paracord bracelet, firestarter, and a basic survival knife. For around $30, it’s hard to beat the price. It all comes stuffed in a ready-to-roll, military-inspired MOLLE pouch that’s compact enough to throw in the back of your vehicle and forget about it until you need it.

The American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Starter Kit

Red Cross

If cost is a concern, the straightforward Emergency Preparedness Starter Kit from The American Red Cross provides a straightforward list of survival essentials on a budget. It’s not as sexy or full-featured as the others on this list, and it won’t get you through a full 72-hour crisis, but it’s enough to help you survive most basic 12-hour emergencies. Inside, you’ll find a crank-powered flashlight/radio/smartphone charger, food rations, potable water pouches, a face mask, basic toiletries, and, of course, a decent first-aid kit.

For A-type personalities who only trust their own self-made kits, check out our guide to building an apocalypse-worthy bug-out bag.

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