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Best 4th of July Grill Sales and Sales for 2022

Cuisinart CGG-240 Roll-Away Gas Grill

If you’re searching for the best 4th of July grill sales, you’re on the right track because the 4th of July grill deals are among the best of the year. We track the best grill deals year-round, and the seasonality of the bargains is predictable. We scoured the internet and checked the major national big box retail chains to find the best grill deals available now. These prices may change quickly after the 4th of July sales start to wind down on Tuesday, so don’t delay.

Best 4th of July Grill Deals 2022

Should You Buy a Grill on 4th of July?

There are several good reasons to search for 4th of July grill deals, but the very best reason is that successful retailers are predictable. In today’s competitive markets, the best retailers track their sales volumes carefully. When the numbers show that they can move a lot of inventory profitably with 4th of July grill sales, they will repeat that sale the following year.

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Another reason to shop for 4th of July grill deals is seasonality. Grills sell year round, for sure, but in the minds of most consumers, summertime is grilling time. Grill deals start to get, um, hot during the spring, when sales for all types of summer merchandise goes on sale. In normal years (which 2021 is not), retailers build their inventories starting in early spring and continue to keep their stocks high right up to the July 4th grill sales. At that point, because the data tells them sales begin to taper off, many retailers may continue to restock the most popular brands, models, and sizes, but otherwise stop boosting their inventories. So, with that thinking, again speaking of normal times, retailers will have their best grill deals with the widest selection of grills during the 4th of July sales event.

But, this is not a normal year. Last year took many retailers by surprise with unprecedented sales volumes. Due to the pandemic-related lockdowns of 2020, most people and businesses expected consumer sales of all types would slow up due to concerns about income. However, two factors came into play: Increased interest in improving home life and stimulus payments.

When vast numbers of individuals and families found themselves essentially stuck at home, we saw huge demand for most home-related products. Sales demand was high even though many manufacturers were shut down and supply chains were disrupted worldwide. Consumer demand for equipment that enabled, helped, or improved working at home, cooking at home, playing at home, and staying healthy and happy at home went off the charts. The demand for grills was especially high because a good grill can prepare healthy meals and add to the home environment by enhancing outdoor living and family socialization. So grills sold like crazy and many retailers sold out.

In 2021, retailers and manufacturers alike geared up for continued high demand. Even though supply chains were still disrupted in some cases, retailers restocked their inventories to the extent they could in preparation for another blowout selling season. And that reality is today.

Because demand is so unusually high, deals on grills of all kinds may not have been as dramatic as in previous years so far in 2021. However, we’re now at the end of the traditionally busy grill sales season, and retailers don’t want to be stuck with too much stock. Therefore, we find these 4th of July grill deals being the best deals of the year.

We’ll mention our usual caveat about not buying what you don’t need or can’t afford, but if you have planned to buy a new grill, now is the time.

How to Choose a Grill on 4th of July

There are so many 4th of July grill deals this year that making the right choice can seem overwhelming. To help you clear your way through the various decision hurdles in choosing the right grill for yourself or your family, we suggest considering the following factors in order to score the best of this year’s 4th of July grill sales.

How will you use it? If you are totally new to grilling and want to test your ability and try it out, the best 4th of July grill deals that match your use will differ from an experienced griller who wants to level up their equipment to feed a voracious crowd of family members and friends. Size and type of grill all matter, but if you’re just testing your interest, there are plenty of 4th of July grill sales that cost less than $100.

What type of fuel do you prefer? You can find grills that use charcoal, propane, hardwood, or wood pellets as fuel. Each type of fuel has advantages and fans that go beyond the scope of this short guide. Charcoal grills are most common (especially in lower price brackets), but charcoal can be tricky to light, takes a while to get ready, and some people don’t like the smell (or taste). Propane grills require cans or tanks of liquid propane gas (LPG) unless you’re lucky enough to have a line feed from a larger home supply. Propane lights easily and reaches cooking temperature fast, usually within two or three minutes. Propane grills are also easy to regulate — just turn a dial to raise or lower the temperature. Pellet grills claim to have the most precise temperature control, and flavored cooking-grade hardwood pellets can add your preferred flavor to grilled or smoked food. Pellet grills tend to be more expensive than run-of-the-mill charcoal or propane grills, but they are also easy to use and regulate.

Size matters in grills as in most other matters. If you are cooking for one or two people, don’t buy a big honking grill. You’ll spend too much for the grill and waste fuel. With experience grilling you’ll know both for how many people and how often you’ll be grilling each season. Pick a midpoint and choose your new grill size accordingly. If it turns out that once or twice each year you’ll need to cook for a larger crowd, you can always buy an inexpensive backup grill to supplement your primary grill. If you live in a neighborhood where people often bring their own chairs to parties, you’ll probably easily find one or more neighbors who are happy to show off — um, lend you — their grills and roll them over for the occasion.

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