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The 5 Best Fingernail Clippers That Help Men Achieve Their Ideal Nail Length

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Perhaps you began to rely on lotion to keep your hands from cracking and blistering as a result of excessive hand-washing over the last year. But even the best hand lotion can only do so much if your fingernails resemble those of the late recluse Howard Hughes.

Nail care is an oft-overlooked aspect of grooming for men, but it shouldn’t be. Well-manicured hands are as becoming as a fresh fade or finely groomed beard. However, if you don’t consider yourself the type of dude who’s up for a mani at the salon, that’s totally fine. The right clippers (read: not your teeth!) will give you the control and precision you need to achieve the ideal length and shape.

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Our list of the best fingernail clippers for men will provide you with a range of options across multiple budgets and uses. But promise us that no matter which one you choose, please, do not clip your nails on the bus or train en route to work.

Best Overall: Tweezerman Fingernail Clipper

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Tweezerman is a popular drugstore brand known for its reliable grooming products at affordable prices. This stainless Tweezerman fingernail clipper is built to last and roughly costs the same as a large coffee at your favorite café. It’s perfect for basic trims and touch-ups. The sharp, curved edges follow the natural shape of your nails for a clean cut each time.

Most Precise: Green Bell Takumi No Waza Nail Clipper

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You may need to wait for this fingernail clipper to arrive from Japan, but we trust you’ll be rewarded for your patience here. The stainless steel blade of the Takumi no Waza nail clipper has been sharpened twice at a high temperature for a close, precise cut with minimal effort required. As an added bonus, the built-in nail catcher will mean fewer projectile clippings landing on your floor or elsewhere in the room.

Best Fingernail Clipper Pair: Harperton Nail Clipper Set

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This 2-pack of clippers from Harperton will allow you to trim your fingernails and toenails without the possibility of spreading infections from your feet to your hands. (Although you should be thoroughly cleaning your clippers with alcohol after each use.) Use the smaller clipper for your fingernails and the larger one for your toenails.

Most Ergonomic: Clipperpro Omega Classic Fingernail Clipper

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The Clipperpro Classic fingernail clipper was designed by a group of orthopedic surgeons for an improved grip over traditional clippers. With a large plastic handle and 180-degree swiveling blades, you’ll have complete control wherever you cut without hand cramps or dropping the clipper. It’s not exactly cheap, but a 30-day money-back guarantee applies along with a one-year replacement warranty.

Best Nail Kit: Manscaped Shears 2.0 Nail Grooming Kit

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Manscaped may specialize in below-the-belt grooming but its luxury nail grooming kit is certainly worth considering if you’re keen to go beyond just snipping your nails. This four-piece set comes with a fingernail clipper, slant-tipped tweezers, round-point scissors, and a medium grit file — all made of rust-resistant stainless steel. The faux leather case makes it easy to carry along while traveling.

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