8 Best Beard Grooming Kits for the Modern Beardsman

Choosing a beard grooming kit is an easy and affordable option when you need to resupply your beard grooming essentials. Not only do beard grooming kits offer a bundle of practical products which you receive all at once, but the very nature of being bundled also lends itself to discount prices. And we all love a discount. 

The kit should include more than just products though, it should also include tools. Any beard grooming kit worth its salt should come stocked with an arsenal of beard brushes, combs, and trimming scissors. No matter how good you think the beard oil, beard balm, or shampoo and conditioner are, you need tools to evenly distribute these products throughout your beard and keep those tangles at bay.

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Finding the Best Beard Grooming Kits For You

Of course, whether you sport a short stubble, clean shaven on the sides with a manful mustache, or flaunt a full-face beard – the required products and tools for keeping it in shape will vary. There are essentials, however, that you should be looking for when it comes to everyday beard upkeep. A good beard grooming kit will include:

  • Beard oil: You’ll find this in damn near every kit as it’s one of the most basic elements in any man’s grooming collection. It’s essential for keeping the skin under your beard fresh and healthy, staving off itchiness and irritation, and softening facial hair.
  • Beard balm: Beard balms promote beard growth and help thicken your whiskers. Balms also condition the beard and skin underneath, moisturizes to prevent beardruff, and acts as a styling component – or pomade, for longer beards.
  • Beard comb: Combs are an essential tool for evenly distributing product throughout your beard as well as training your hair to grow a certain way. (Yes, that mane on your face can be directionally tamed.)
  • Beard brush: A beard brush works similarly to a beard comb for training your facial hair to grow a certain way, however, it’s a bit thicker in size to handle longer, bushier beards. The bristles are a bit longer, but they’re usually made from a non-synthetic material that is less rough on your skin than the everyday comb. 
  • Trimming scissors: For the men who like a tight-knit beard or a sharp mustache, trimming scissors are a must-have. Not only are the great for keeping that well-kempt appearance, trimming actually keeps the health of your beard hair in its best shape by removing split ends, extra long hairs, and flyaways.
  • Beard shampoo and conditioner: These aren’t absolutely necessary, but if you’ve used a beard shampoo and conditioner before, you’ll know that your shaving experience is made much easier afterward. Together they wash away the excess dirt and oil your beard retains throughout the day while managing to keep essential oils your beard needs to thrive.

Not all of our picks for beard grooming kits contain every item on the above list, but most do a pretty good job of covering the basics.

Best Beard Grooming Kits

Badass Beard Care Styling Kit – $70
best beard grooming kits badass care

Our buddies over at Badass Beard Care have a great grooming kit that takes the cake on our best bang-for-your-buck option. It includes everything you need to keep your facial hair under control, from healing beard oils and balms to a practical bundle including a sturdy wooden beard comb (which you can upgrade for just $6), a boar-hair beard brush, and your choice between black or silver trimming scissors.

Getting all of these items, at this price, is quite the steal already. If you happen to sport a stache, this kit also offers their malleable mustache wax, and just for purchasing, these guys throw in a trial-size beard wash.

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Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit – $65
best beard grooming kits maison lamber

Packaged in a rustic wooden cigar box, Maison Lambert’s ultimate beard kit features the best of their high-quality, handmade organic products along with a beautiful wooden beard comb for distributing during application. The kit comes with their subtle, yet pleasantly-scented conditioning beard oil, a style-ready beard balm, a beard shampoo, and acomplimentaryy beer body soap. All in a handsome wooden box. Need we say more?

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Duke Cannon Military Grade Grooming Kit – $75
best beard grooming kits duke cannon military kit

The only tool you receive in Duke Cannon’s military grade grooming kit is a handy Stanley screwdriver, but don’t let the lack of scissor or comb deter you from this battle-ready bundle inspired by the branches of the U.S. Military.

The kit contains a heavy-duty 2-in-1 tea tree hair and body wash (which also works fantastically for keeping beard hair in top shape), a high-quality and conditioning shaving cream, two ‘Big Ass’ bricks of soap (both with their own enticing scents), and a juniper berry-hinted cologne – all packed inside a durable and authentic, military-grade .30 cal ammunition can. Hooah!

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BirchBox Man Limited Edition Badass Beard Kit 2.0 – $48
best beard grooming kits bead kit birchbox man

BirchBox Man always knows what your beard needs in order to shine. Its Beard Kit 2.0 features a heap of favored beard grooming products, ranging from Northern Fir Beard Co.’s stunning beard oil, a nourishing Cliff Original beard balm, Anthony’s conditioning beard wash, and Billy Jealousy’s versatile beard control mix. Top that off with The Cut Buddy’s hair and beard shaping tool, Ezra Arthur’s wide-toothed beard comb, and you have no excuse for not putting on your best face.

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Percy Nobleman Ultimate Beard Grooming Box – $250
best beard grooming kits percy

Hailing from good ole Great Britain, Percy Nobleman has set up to establish what a well-groomed man should be since their start in 2013. The brand’s grooming kit offers all of its best-selling goods, which features anything and everything a bearded beauty like yourself needs to succeed.  Stored in a hand crafted, beautiful rosewood box that includes a mirror for easy grooming anywhere, and single compartments for keeping things organized, their kit boasts a conditioning oil, a beard wash, a mustache wax, a beard balm, Percy’s coveted Gentlemen’s styling wax for your hair and beard, as well as a palm-friendly beard comb and sharp shaping scissors.

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Zeus Ultimate Grooming Kit – $136
best beard grooming kits kit zeus ultimate

A little cheaper than Mr. Nobleman’s stacked kit, Zeus offers their own version of a fully-loaded grooming kit, packed with everything you need for the ultimate grooming regimen. Featuring five tools such as a boar brush, a boar pocket brush, a natural horn wide-toothed comb, a mustache comb, and their stainless steel trimming scissors, there is no excuse for not keeping your beard in its highest form. Zeus has also added their verbena lime-scented products into the mix, which consist of their organic beard oil, a beard shampoo and conditioner, and a workable beard balm.

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Wizard Beard Grooming Kit – $28
best beard grooming kits kit wizard

Sometimes you just can’t afford to drop a pretty penny on a kit that you may not use all of or as frequently as its price would warrant. Luckily for you, Wizard’s comprehensive kit of products lets you put forth your best Gandalf impression without sacrificing it all. Featuring just the essentials, the Wizard beard grooming kit has a beard oil and beard balm to keep up a healthy beard, and a beard comb and brush to keep those whiskers tidy and tamed.

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Beard Wrangler Mini-Crate from Mancrates – $70
best beard grooming kits wrangler crate

And finally, there’s the Beard Wrangler Mini-Crate, which is actually delivered in a tiny crate containing Renegade’s line of grooming products, including the brand’s beard shampoo bar, beard balm, beard oil, boar-bristle beard brush, and a handy hand towel. And, while the kit doesn’t come with scissors or an edging tool, it does come with a miniature laser-etched crowbar, for all your future tiny-crate opening needs.

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And now that you’ve got the tools to do the job right, learn how to shape your beard perfectly every time.


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