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Why You Should Buy a Pizza Oven on Amazon Prime Day

One of my favorite things about Amazon Prime Day is that it’s the perfect excuse to buy things you don’t need. And perhaps one of the most frivolous purchases you can make is a portable pizza oven.

Does anyone really need their own pizza oven? No, of course not. You can make pizza from scratch with just your regular oven. That being said, I recently got my hands on the Ooni Koda outdoor pizza oven and I am never going back to regular oven pizzas. So if you’re thinking of buying a pizza oven of your own during Amazon Prime Day, here’s why I think you totally should.

Why You Should Buy a Pizza Oven

If you love making pizzas, eating pizzas, and sharing pizzas with friends, then you will probably like owning your own pizza oven. The main reason you should buy a pizza oven, however, is purely for that crisp and delicious crust that it can provide.

The problem with cooking pizza in a traditional oven is that it just doesn’t get hot enough to cook that pie properly. Even if you own a pizza stone, your oven isn’t going to reach high enough temperatures to ensure you get a crisp crust with adequately melted toppings.

The increased heat that pizza ovens provide also allows you to cook more pizzas faster. Some of the more expensive options, like the Ooni Koda 16, allow you to cook pizzas in just 60 seconds. This makes it a great appliance for backyard events either at home or at a friend’s house.

Amazon will probably have deals on pizza ovens for Prime Day

Though we can’t anticipate all of the deals Amazon will have available on Prime Day, it’s highly likely there will be some good discounts on pizza ovens available tomorrow. Some of the biggest price cuts are almost always Prime Day appliance deals and these devices just so happen to fall under that category.

Which Pizza Oven Should You Buy?

There are a lot of different pizza ovens you can buy on Amazon right now, and short of testing them all, I can’t really tell you which one you should buy. That being said, there are really only two types to consider: Indoor and outdoor pizza ovens.

Indoor Pizza Ovens

Indoor pizza ovens tend to be smaller appliances that closely resemble a toaster. They tend to be much cheaper than their outdoor counterparts and can be easily stored in your kitchen if you have the counter space for them. The main downside is that many of the options available really only allow you to make personal-sized pizzas.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Outdoor pizza ovens, though more expensive, tend to be more impressive. Unlike indoor ovens, they tend to be gas-powered or function similar to a pellet grill. The main thing you want to look out for when buying an outdoor pizza oven is whether or not it’s portable. If you don’t have an outdoor space that can permanently hold a pizza oven, you’ll likely want a smaller, more portable option.

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