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The 4 Best Personal Outdoor Pizza Ovens to Use for Your Next Pizza Party

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Pizza is a gift from the heavens. You’ve got your carbs, your cheese, (most likely) your meats, and maybe even a veggie or two. For many, the way to obtain pizza by having it delivered by your favorite pizzeria. But here’s the thing, you can get a pizza using a personal outdoor pizza oven.

Not only will you be able to make amazing pizzas in a fraction of the time it takes to make one in an oven, but you’ll have a badass new toy to show off to all your friends. Outdoor pizza ovens are also easy to use and clean. While this sounds exciting, you need to consider the size of the oven. Do you tend to bring over your friends and family for a summer pizza party? If so, then a larger oven is the right one for you.

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Fuel type is important too. Liquid propane ovens are cheaper whereas those running on wood or charcoal give pizzas a more authentic smoky flavor. Now If you’re looking to pony up some money for your pizza party, read on for our roundup of the best outdoor personal pizza ovens for 2021.

Best Overall: Ooni Koda 12 Gas-Powered Pizza Oven

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Time is of the essence when you have hungry visitors waiting for their pizzas, and you can take matters into your own hands by using Ooni Koda’s 12 Gas-Powered Pizza Oven. This oven can crank out stone-baked pizzas at a jaw-dropping speed of 60 seconds — no more, no less.  It’s easy to set up too, prop the oven on a flat surface, connect it to a propane tank (gas regulator and hose included), and start cooking. Ooni ovens are pricey and easy to set up, per our review, but you’ll get the returns of your investment if you decide to learn how to make pizza from scratch.

Best for Pros: Roccbox Pizza Oven

Roccbox Pizza Oven
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Made for the people who aren’t amateurs, but aren’t pros, the Roccbox is the first stone floor personal pizza oven. It heats up to over 900 degrees Fahrenheit and turns out a pizza in less than two minutes. With its eye-catching color, it’s hard for this pizza oven to not be a centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen. Not into wood-burning? It’s got a gas hookup you can use, too.

Best Portable: WPPO Eco 20-Inch Outdoor Oven

WPPO Eco 20 Inch
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A wood-fired oven, this model is great if you’re looking for a portable pizza oven, thanks to the wheeled cart that the oven sits on top of. Made with a powdered steel exterior and stainless steel grates and doors, you get function and aesthetics in one package. The WPPO reaches temperatures of up to 500 degrees F and has a damper for temp control.

Best Gas-Powered Oven: Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven

Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven
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Smaller in size than some on this list, the Camp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven is a gas-powered oven that delivers brick-oven quality. The Camp Chef heats up in 15 minutes and reaches up to 700 degrees F for quick cooks. A micro-adjust gas valve also allows for precise temperature control.

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