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The Best Frozen Pizza Brands

Not since its outset during the heat of the microwave era has the frozen pizza been so important. These days, amid a pandemic, closed eateries, and stay at home orders, the easy-to-nuke pie is enjoying a second wave of immense popularity.

We understand the gloriousness of a real, made from scratch pizza. If you can, make pizza from home, order it from your favorite pizzeria, and reheat pizza for breakfast in the morning (or whenever you want more, pizza is good at all hours).

The frozen food aisle is often an endless maze with option after option of zap-able goods. Pizza is an especially popular item and if you don’t know precisely what you’re after, you can be in for a long bout of consideration. So, whether you’re shopping at your local store or buying online, these are the best bets of the bunch, sure to please your pizza palate.


Amy's Organic Spinach Pizza Box
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Those who appreciate pre-made entrees assembled out of organic ingredients are likely familiar with Amy’s. The brand’s pizza lineup is strong, with some great veggie-driven options along with classics like cheese. Our favorite is the spinach pizza, a lovely mashup of feta, basil, and leafy greens atop a sturdy thin crust.


caulipower cauliflower pizza crust veggie 2
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Still trending and for good reason, Caulipower offers pizzas made with cauliflower crust. It’s on the healthier side, packed with more vitamins and gluten-free. The Margherita is especially tasty, with wonderfully-melted cheese and a crust that bakes to an ideal consistency with some crunch on the golden-brown edges.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's Deep Fried Pizza Roasted Garlic and Pesto
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Prepared foods are very much a specialty of Trader Joe’s and that goes with the frozen section too. From a solid Margherita to family-size pepperoni, they’re all worth having on hand. But the tastiest and perhaps most unique of the bunch is the roaster garlic and pesto pie, made with a deep-fried crust that offers some toasty richness to the equation.

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen Sicilian Frozen Pizza Box
Image used with permission by copyright holder

California Pizza Kitchen has been at it since the mid-1980s, starting first as a casual restaurant chain before diving into the frozen foods circuit. The variety of pies is impressive, as is the tasty, cracker-like thin crust. The Sicilian is hard to beat, a tidy mix of herbs, Italian sausage, ham, and marinara sauce that actually tastes like quality tomatoes.

Newman’s Own

Newman's Own Supreme Pizza Box
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Paul Newman’s namesake brand has done well over the years and its pizza turnout is no different. In fact, the company excels in the Italian-themed department, from red sauces for pasta to a delectable list of pizza pies. While they’re all good, the supreme is the blue ribbon winner, fit with uncured pepperoni, peppers, onions, and more.

Motor City Pizza Company

Motor City Pizza Company Deep Dish Pepperoni Box
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Sometimes, you just need a pepperoni pie to feed the soul. Detroit is known for its deep-dish and this frozen option at least holds a candle to the real deal. It’s thick and caramelized on the edges, hit with tasty pepperoni and gooey cheese.

Roberta’s Wood Fired Pizza

Roberta's Wood Fired Margherita Pizza
Image used with permission by copyright holder

It’s no small wonder that Roberta’s pulls off a frozen pie that actually tastes like it came out of a wood-fired grill. The Margherita is top-notch, with a comforting, roasted flavor that resonates through every bite.

American Flatbread

American Flatbread Revolution Frozen Pizza Box
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Using a surprisingly tasty wheat crust as a base, American Flatbread offers some outstanding pies, including some good vegan, gluten-free, and meatless options. The cheese additions are always dialed-in and the tastiest pizza is arguably the Revolution, made with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and homemade tomato sauce.

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