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8 Best Orange Juice Brands to Buy

There are few things more satisfying than guzzling down an ice-cold glass of orange juice in the morning. There’s no denying that fresh-squeezed juice straight from the source is the healthiest and most delicious version of OJ. It’s nutritious, providing your daily requirement of vitamin C, and you know where it’s coming from. But, juicing your own oranges is time-consuming, messy, and a good juicer is a significant investment. So, the question is; what are the best brands of orange juice brands at your local market? However, the answer to that question is very subjective.

When it comes to orange juice, beauty (and preferred taste) is in the mouth of the beholder. Some people prefer no pulp, others extreme pulp. Organic orange juice might be your thing, or you might enjoy from-concentrate orange juice because it reminds you of snack time in kindergarten. The bottom line is, there’s really no “bad” orange juice out there, just what you enjoy. These eight brands are some of our favorite picks that you can use for your Sunday Funday mimosas, or just to chug directly out of the bottle or carton.

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Florida’s Natural Orange Juice

Say what you will about Florida, but you can’t deny the one consistently good thing to come out of the state is oranges and orange juice. The great thing about Florida’s Natural orange juice (besides being delicious) is that it’s owned and operated by a co-op of farmers that actually grow the oranges (for over 85 years). If using American-sourced oranges to make your orange juice is important to you, then consider Florida’s Natural.

Uncle Matt’s Orange Juice

Founder Matt McLean, a real-life uncle to 10 nieces and nephews, has always had a passion for healthy living and organic farming. Organic juice is all Uncle Matt does. Not only do they have a variety of delicious OJ, but they also offer various tasty juice blends. Uncle Matt’s has become a big name in organic juice, and you can find their products at almost any supermarket.

Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice

There’s really no introduction needed for one of the most recognizable orange juice brands in the world. Tropicana has been a staple in the juice aisle since 1947. Also, who among us as a child didn’t try to replicate the straw directly into the orange trick that Tropicana perfected with its ad campaigns? Although it’s not as fresh as drinking the juice directly out of the orange, it’s pretty darn good.

Lakewood Organic Pure Orange Juice

A hidden gem in the juice world is the Lakewood Brand. They carry an extensive line of pure, organic juices, including orange juice. Lakewood OJ is simply 100% juice from organic oranges, with no fillers and no preservatives. You can find Lakewood at most organic-conscious markets or buy it in bulk directly from their website.

Minute Maid Pulp-Free Orange Juice

If you’re like the person we mentioned in the intro that prefers from-concentrate OJ, then Minute Maid is the way to go. Minute Maid has never tried to be part of the “fresh-squeezed juice club.” You can infer that from the brand name. There’s nothing wrong with liking juice from concentrate, it’s still sweet and tasty, if perhaps a little more watery.

Evolution Cold Pressed Orange Juice

You no doubt recognize Evolution Cold Pressed juices and smoothies but in the smaller 15.2-ounce version sold at retailers like Whole Foods and Starbucks. Although Evolution may not be known for their orange juice (since they make so many organic, cold-pressed juices and smoothies), they sure do make a delicious OJ. The cold-press method of juicing is said to preserve the nutrients and flavors of fruits and vegetables.

Natalie’s Orange Juice

This woman-owned company was formed by Mary Sexton, wife of the fourth-generation orange grower Bobby Sexton, and mother to Natalie — whom the brand is named after. Natalie’s offers small-batch, minimally processed, and honestly sourced orange juice. You can find Natalie’s at most markets and find different juices such as grapefruit and more or buy direct from the website.

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Good & Gather Organic Orange Juice

When you think organic food, Target isn’t the first company that springs to mind. Regardless, Target’s own Good & Gather food brand produces some quality organic foods — like this orange juice. Not only is this OJ delicious, but it’s also affordable.

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