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Neuro Coffee Says It Will Make You Smarter After Just One Cup

Coffee keeps you awake thanks to caffeine, but can it help your brain in other ways? One brand says its coffee will.

Neuro Coffee, which was developed by Dr. Michael Roussell, Ph.D. (a nutrition advisor, columnist for Men’s Health and Shape Magazine, and the author of four books on health and wellness), claims that one cup will boost proteins in your brain that are linked to mental acuity, learning, and general wellbeing.

Dr. Michael Roussell, Ph.D.

The key ingredient in Neuro Coffee is a patented antioxidant complex (taken from the oft-discarded coffee fruit) that the company has named NeuroFactor. According to the team, clinical trials have proven that NeuroFactor helps increase a protein called Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which is known as “Miracle-Gro for the brain” by some scientists. BDNF levels decline as we age due to various causes (lack of sleep, stress, the oppressing weight of humanity). The lower the BDNF, the worse we feel and perform.

The brand also says that NeuroFactor maintains a self-affirmed GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status that is published for any consumer (or the FDA) to see.

According to the brand’s website, “This is a huge benchmark to achieve in documenting the safety of a product and if looking at other supplements in the marketplace, you will be hard pressed to find many others with this level of published safety vetting.”

neuro coffee pods
Neuro Coffee

On the flavor side of things, Neuro Coffee tastes like, well, coffee. If you’ve had Folgers or Lavazzo or any of those brands, you’ll recognize Neuro Coffee. The ground beans come in four varieties: Breakfast, Donut Shop, Bold & Dark, and Decaf. The pods come in the same styles, excepting the Decaf. The similar profiles allow Neuro Coffee to slip into your daily routine basically unnoticed.

Where you might notice Neuro Coffee, though, is in your wallet. You can order Neuro Coffee in both ground form and as single-serve pods. One 12-ounce bag of grounds will cost you $45 and a one-month supply (30 pods) will cost you $60.

While this may seem high, the brand works to remind you that you’re paying not only for artisanally-roasted coffee but for a brain supplement at the same time. A quick search for similar supplements yielded Kavinace, which you can get 120 capsules of for $88. When you think of it in that way — and you are the person searching for a neuro supplement — then Neuro Coffee may be the thing for you, as it combines two necessities in life.

If you’re skeptical about Neuro Coffee, the brand offers a six-month 100 percent money back guarantee. If that doesn’t do it for you, Neuro Coffee will buy you four bags of your old coffee as well.

If Neuro Coffee is still out of your price range, why not check out these coffees instead?

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