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Jitter-Free Java: Mushroom Coffee

four sigmatic mushroom coffee
There is a group of Finnish guys who want you to start drinking coffee made of mushrooms.

These aren’t mushroom farmers–the folks at Four Sigmatic simply believe they have cracked the code when it comes to jittery-free java.

Mushrooms have a lot of applications beyond pizza toppings: fungi and mold provide medicinal chemicals (think penicillin), mushrooms are well on their way to becoming common building materials, and they can even be used as a fire retardant. And now, also, coffee.

mushroom coffee with lions mane and chagas

The base of the drink is the Four Sigmatic version of instant coffee: 100% Arabica beans grown in Southeast Asia without pesticides. Then they add 250 mg of chaga mushroom extract to counteract the natural acidity of coffee that can upset stomachs. Plus, chaga mushrooms are strong antioxidants, which can support immune health. They also throw in 250 mg of the Lion’s Mane mushroom, which helps with nerve growth and cognitive improvement.

They also have a version 350 mg chaga mushrooms plus 150 mg of Cordyceps mushrooms, which will help give you an energy boost–meaning all the stimulation you need with less caffeine. There’s also a dash of the rhodiola root, something Vikings supposedly took before going into battle, so that’s something.

iced mushroom coffee

Great, so the coffee will keep you alert, boost your immune system, prevent stomach upset, has zero calories, and even boost concentration: it must taste like shit. Not so! Regular coffee and this mushroom coffee are almost identical in texture and flavor. And it couldn’t be easier to use: tear open the packet, pour it in a cup, fill it up with hot or cold water, and then doctor it however you normally would. This is the perfect coffee for home, work, camping, you name it. It goes where you go. At $14.99 for a box of ten packets, you’re looking at about $1.49 per cup. You’re not just boosting your immune system, you’re boosting your bank account.

mushroom coffee with honey

Not a coffee drinker but still want in on this mushroom thing? No worries! Four Sigmatic also has mushroom Hot Chocolate.

If you’re still hesitant, order a box, have someone make you two cups of coffee, one regular, one mushroom, and do a blind taste test. It’ll be harder than you think.

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