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The most bizarre venues for a bar on the planet

We've all been to strange bars. But these establishments are far and away the most unique around.

Cave Bar More in Croatia.
Cave Bar / Cave Bar More

Many of us have experienced a novel bar before, one set in a strange location or treated to an odd theme. But there are some bars that are truly and fully out there — watering holes in places you would never imagine (even after a few drinks).

So while we appreciate bars modeled after famous shows like Twin Peaks and ones with actual sand on the floor so as to convey a beach, there are much nuttier ones out there. We’re talking about bars on aircraft carriers and their own private islands. There are the best bars in America; and then there are the most unique bars on the planet.

Navy aircraft carrier.

Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier

There’s a pub on this sprawling vessel, dubbed the Queen’s Head. The bar makes up a small portion of the 65,000-ton whale of a ship but it’s a popular part of the boat set near the senior members’ quarters. Reportedly, some UK breweries have made ales just for the ship, making the one-of-a-kind imbibing experience even more so. The ship is the largest warship the British Navy has produced and, with a handful of beers available at the bar, a good and unexpected place to go for a pint (assuming you meet the credentials to board the ship).

Cave Bar More in Croatia.
Cave Bar More

Cave Bar

Very much living up to its name, this Croatian bar feels like the elaborate lair of a Bond villain. Built into a stunning natural cave in the coastal town of Dubrovnik, it is the official watering hole and hangout spot for the Hotel More. Open in the morning for a brisk cup of coffee and the rest of the day for cocktails, Champagne, and brandy, this bar offers an unmatched atmosphere. The cocktail list is lengthy and impressive, there are tons of Croatian wines to enjoy, and there are even snacks to nibble on as you gawk at the geology or peek out at the waterfowl circling above.

south georgia island
Andy Rouse/Getty Images / Andy Rouse/Getty Images

Vernadsky Research Base

This bar holds the distinction of being the southernmost watering hold in the world. Set in Antarctica, the place does not see a whole lot of humans, but it’s a bar nonetheless. Apparently, the bar is open to the public and offers perks which include house-made vodka and the opportunity to take in some local wildlife (namely, penguins) while enjoying your drink. As you might expect, this is the only known bar on the continent, a former British property know in the hands of Ukraine. It’s going to be chilly here, so maybe go with a hot cocktail, although thanks to climate change, the weather here very occasionally climbs above freezing during the dead of summer.

Icebar in Stockholm.


This Swedish bar is made of ice and quite elaborate. Set in Stockholm, the place is always around 23 F so if you do plan to go, dress accordingly. Icebar is the planet’s first permanent ice bar and crafted out of a whopping 40 tons of ice. While the drinks and brisk and strong, the coolest part might be the various sculptures and themes at play inside the meandering bar. Like a hedge maze set in the nordic, it’s a place to truly get lost. A bartender in a beanie and gloves will gladly fix you any number of colorful drinks, from a Pink Sky (vodka, melon liqueur, lime, 7up) to a Fika Time (coffee liqueur, amaretto, vanilla, milk).

Club 33 at Disneyland
Josh Hallett / Flickr


One of the most surprising things about Disneyland is the members-only bar with a massive waiting list and $10K annual join-up fee. Called Club 33, the bar touts some amazing wines and spirits and top-tied hospitality. Walt Disney himself came up with the idea back in the late 60s and the bar and restaurant have burgeoned to become a place for true traveling elite (or at least those with plenty of cash to burn). While a high-end drinking establishment that’s also an exclusive club set in a family park seems a little odd, the hideaway factor of the place is pretty cool. Plus, you can drink vintage bubbly and pair it up with bites from the house chef.

Floyd's Pelican Bar.
Alfred Moya/Flickr / Flickr

Floyd’s Pelican Bar

On its own island off the coast of Jamaica, this sovereign and tropical bar seems like something pulled straight from The Swiss Family Robinson. The bar’s charm lies in its utter simplicity, compiled of driftwood and set in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean near Treasure Beach. Bar-goers can swim in the warm water surrounding the bar or take part in some grilled lobster and down it with a few refreshing drinks. Be sure to take in the many etchings on the wood, the various accoutrements hung on the walls and the ceiling, and stick around for the best sunset of your life.

OZONE Bar in Hong Kong.
Wikimedia Commons / Wikimedia


The name for this Asian bar could not be much better. Set unbelievably high, the establishment occupies the 118th-floor of the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong. That’s good enough for the title of highest elevation bar on earth. OZONE offers something akin to the perspective of a superhero like Batman or Spiderman, nestled at dizzying heights amid one of the busiest skylines around. Pop into some of the hotel’s other venues for Michelin Star-quality food then get a booth at OZONE to cap off a singular and spectacular night. The top of a building is not necessarily bizarre for a bar but it sure is when you’re this high.

The Space Bar during a launch.
Facebook/Space Bar / Facebook

The Space Bar

Speaking of ascending to higher ground, The Space Bar in Florida is everything it claims to be. Here, you can enjoy a cocktail while an actual spaceship ascend into the ether. Launches could not be better than from the bar’s sprawling open-air patio. And you better believe they have themed cocktails, bearing names like Skyrockets in Flight and Intergalactic Planetary.

Still thinking about bars? Check out the best rooftop bars in the land and the most beautiful bars in the U.S. These places take bar hopping to new heights and maybe even deserve a place on your to-visit list.

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