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Miller Lite has a Christmas tree keg stand for sale (because of course it does)

Nothing says classic, sophisticated holiday more than a beer keg Christmas tree

‘Tis the season to be tipsy, and Miller Lite has blessed us with a truly unique holiday gift this year: A Christmas tree stand that doubles as a festive holder for your enormous Christmas keg. For just $49.99, you can deck the halls like the true lush you are and finally put something under the tree that everyone can appreciate. Because nothing says “Happy holidays!” more than a giant metal keg full of booze in the middle of your living room. Move over Elf on the Shelf, we’ve got Alcoholic Auntie, Passed out Pat, and special edition Sloppy Stepsister Sue.

Miller Lite/Facebook

Miller Lite’s Christmas tree keg stand is the newest addition in a long line of holiday gifts from the company, including the (apparently) popular “Beernaments” that made their debut (and sold out) last year, as well as a line of ugly Christmas sweaters. Associate marketing manager for Miller Lite, Sarah Showak, says, “It’s hard to call these ugly sweaters; they’re actually very cool. Miller Lite’s been doing this for six years, and every year the collection gets better.” If you say so, Showak (personally, we love embracing the ugliness of ugly sweaters).

With regard to the Miller Lite Christmas tree keg stand, Showak noted, “Miller Lite stands for great taste and celebrating with people. The keg stand brings beer front and center to some of the year’s most special moments.” (Miller noted that part of the strategy behind its annual holiday merchandise is to keep the brand top of mind at a time when liquor sales rise, often at the expense of beer sales. Mission accomplished: They’ve definitely gotten our attention.)

If you’re looking for a way to capture the true spirit of the season this year, look no further than this gift of pure elegance. Your family and friends will thank you for this gorgeous piece of classic Christmas decor that will no doubt become a precious family heirloom in the years to come. (On the other hand, it just might help you all get through Uncle Frank’s political rants, so maybe it is exactly what your family needs.)

So tonight, dim the lights, put on a little Nat King Cole, snuggle up by the fire, and chug! Chug! Chug!

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