Memorial Day Recipe: Chili-Lime Salt Grasshoppers


It’s Memorial Day, which means opening up the grill and cooking classic burgers and brats with a cool beer in hand.

Now, it’s time to take your chef-ing skills to the next level with a tasty topping other than ketchup and mustard. We’re talking chili-lime salt grasshoppers, also known as chapulines. Considered a delicacy in Oaxaca, the masterminds at Seattle-based eatery Poquitos serve this crispy snack year-round at their Capitol Hill restaurant and seasonally at Mariners stadium.

Poquitos’ sister eatery Rhein Haus, located in Denver, is adding this chirpy topping to its juicy Ballpark Brats for a limited time this summer. You don’t have to live in either state to sample this crunchy, protein-packed treat.

We’ve got the recipe (which is surprisingly easy as long as you’ve got a grasshopper supply) for you to recreate at your BBQ this weekend.

Serve these on Memorial day next to the relish because who else will? That’s right. No one. Do it and you’ll be a legend.


  • 1 bag of edible crickets (check your closest natural grocers or order on Amazon)
  • Chili powder
  • Salt
  • Fresh Lime

Method: Rinse and clean the crickets. Cover a cookie sheet with paper towels and spread out the clean crickets with space between them. Cook at 200 degrees for 60-90 minutes, depending on your desired state of dryness. (Note: The drier the crunchier.) Transfer cooked crickets into a bowl and toss with chili powder, salt, and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Top your brat or eat plain as a substitute for pretzels or chips.

Do it because you’re a wild man, dammit… and they taste pretty darn good.