This $273,000 Louis Vuitton Trunk Doubles as a Bar Cart for Your Hennessy Collection

Most of us are content to pare down our packing list to make do with less if it means we can travel carry-on only. However, civilized men should never be without a proper dram or two. After all, good liquor is the only thing separating us from the animals. The problem is, what happens when you want to host an impromptu mid-trip cognac party for yourself and 17 of your closest friends? Thanks to a new, stratospherically priced travel-trunk-turned-bar-cart, you’re in luck.

The one-of-a-kind Paradis Impérial Trunk recalls the bygone era of luxury travel when steamer trunks were de rigueur. The handcrafted design is true to Louis Vuitton’s trademark style, complete with a high-end leather lining and the brand’s iconic monogram pattern. Inside, it holds four magnums of Hennessy’s Paradis Impérial, plus four tulip-shaped glasses and a host of high-end accessories. An included tasting toolkit is purportedly “inspired by tools the Hennessy Tasting Committee uses during its daily routine.” (Is there another job in the world where paid cognac tastings are part of the daily workday?) The entire special-order setup will set you back $273,000. Budding one-percenters, take heart. If that house-sized price tag is too rich for your blood, the smaller Nomad case holds a single bottle of Hennessy Paradis Impérial plus a few tasting glasses and is available for just $84,000.

Louis Vuitton is, of course, one of the world’s most recognizable designer bag and luggage brands. It’s no stranger to ultra-high-end lifestyle collaborations. The Paradis Impérial Trunk is just the latest partnership with sister brand Hennessy. This May, the latter will debut its flagship cognac in limited edition crystal decanters designed by Tel Aviv-born artist and industrial designer Arik Levy. A single 750-milliliter bottle will retail for $3,000. When you consider that this is a spirit aged for more than 100 years in French oak barrels in one of the oldest barrelhouses on the planet, that seems almost reasonable.

hennessy paradis imperial louis vuitton trunk luggage serving ritual by arik levy

Is a bar cart travel trunk that costs more than a Lamborghini Huracán practical? Perhaps not. Then again, neither is a bulletproof attaché case or alligator skin carry-on luggage, but those lottery winnings aren’t going to spend themselves.

Of course, you needn’t drop a month’s salary for a decent cognac. Impress your closest friends with a far more affordable bottle of these lesser-known cognacs. If you need a back-to-basics refresher on this classic French spirit, check out our quick-start guide to cognac.


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