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Bushmills rounds out the Rare Cask collection with a 31-year-old single malt

This rare expression is dropping on June 1st

Bushmills 31

When it comes to Irish whiskey, there are few brands more well-known than Bushmills. Not only is Bushmills the oldest Irish distillery, but it’s also the oldest licensed distillery in the world, with a genesis of 1608, in the more than four hundred years since the distillers have perfected the art of whiskey distillation.

And while you can’t go wrong with bargain bottles like Bushmills Black Bush and Bushmills Original or even Bushmills 10 or Bushmills 12, we’re most interested in its Rare Cask Series. Previously, the brand released 28, 29, and 30-year-old expressions. Its most recent takes it one step (or one year) further. Rare Cask 04 is a 31-year-old single malt whiskey.

The Rare Cask: 04

Bushmills 31

Bushmills strives to create the best Irish whiskeys in the world. They have to live up to 400 years of distilling excellence, so it’s no wonder they take quality very seriously. Rare Cask: 04 is made by master blender Alex Thomas. It’s made from 100% un-peated barley and River Bush spring water. It is triple distilled on traditional copper pot stills to make it smooth, mellow, and amazingly complex.

The newest Rare Cask release is a 31-year-old single malt whiskey. This triple-cask matured Irish whiskey begins its maturation in bourbon and sherry casks for fourteen years before being married together and finishing its aging process in virgin American oak. This is the fourth and last expression in the Rare Cask series, making it a truly unique expression.

What does it taste like?

Whiskey glass
Giorgio Trovato/Unsplash

Even cracking open a 12-year-old single malt whiskey will give you a nuanced nose and a complex, sippable flavor profile. Can you imagine the epic nose and palate of a 31-year-old single malt whiskey? Well, while we haven’t had a chance to try this limit-edition, special whiskey, the folks at Bushmills were kind enough to reveal the tasting notes.

The nose is a complex mix of ripe fruit, toasted vanilla beans, sweet honey, oaky wood, candied orange peels, orchard fruits, and dried fruits. The palate is a symphony of toasted vanilla beans, honey, milk chocolate, pear, sweet apples, coconuts, and wintry spices. The finish is long, sweet, warming, and loaded with honey and baking spices. It’s the kind of whiskey that deserves to be sipped neat, very slowly, on an unseasonably cool spring or summer evening.

How much does it cost?

Derek Lynn/Unsplash

Okay, now we’re getting to the most important thing: the price. Bushmills will only release 780 bottles of Rare Cask: 04. If we didn’t already explain how limited and special this bottle is, that number should explain it more. That and the fact that it was matured for 31 full years. This soon-to-be highly coveted single malt whiskey will be available for purchase in limited quantities at retailers across the US for a suggested retail price of $2,600. If you don’t find it at a store near you, it can also be purchased at .

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