A Guide to Fruits and Vegetables In Season in Spring

Eating in season is the best way to enjoy the freshest and most sustainable foods the Earth has to offer. Not only is seasonal eating a great way to support your local farming community but it is also more cost-effective and environmentally friendly since it requires less transportation of goods to market.

The spring months of March, April, and May are an amazing time for all things green. Popular veggies like arugula and carrots are harvested now and fruits like strawberries and apricots are ripe for the picking. While most animal proteins tend to have less of a seasonal shelf life, it helps to be conscious of which meats and fish are at their peak at this time of the year.

While it’s common to be able to acquire most items year-round, these are often not as fresh or affordable compared to when in season for your region. As a new season begins now is a great time to check out your local farmers’ market to try some of the fresh and nutritious produce the crops in your area have to offer.

To help you while you shop, we’ve put together a guide to the most common fruits and vegetables in season this spring!

Spring Fruits

These bright red stalks are one of the first fruits of spring.

While other citruses are reaching the end of their peak season, grapefruits tend to be juicier and sweeter during the spring months.

In warmer areas, these are harvested in late winter and available in early spring.

These are best when firm and bright orange in color as found in spring.

The majority of this tropical fruit is sent to the United States in spring.

The sweetest pineapples are in their prime beginning in March.

These are ripest toward the end of spring.

Peak season begins in April for the juiciest berries.

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Spring Vegetables

One of spring’s first sprouts, asparagus is the cheapest and most flavorful in season.

While also a winter harvest, the largest and meatiest artichokes are in spring.

While easily available year-round, it’s often harvested early in the spring through the summer season.

Another veggie that is synonymous with spring, carrots begin their season in late March.

This season is the best for wild arugula.

Spring Garlic
This young garlic is found in early spring before the regular garlic season.

Spring Onions
These small onions are named after their harvest season.

Foraged Greens
Wild mushrooms like morels and wild greens like ramps, nettles, and fiddleheads are free growing in the spring months.

Most herbs are fresh now but especially parsley, chives, and dill.

All varieties ( garden, snap, snow) are in abundance all spring.

The sweetest and crunchies are found in the spring.

The brightest colored and sweetest flavored turnips come into season late spring.

Spring Meat and Fish

The most tender and flavorful lamb is said to come from those harvested in late spring.

Fishing for popular the Chesapeake Bay blue crabs typically begins in April.

Early spring is the beginning of the yellowfin tuna season along the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Natural-caught trout are in season in the spring.

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