High on Hops: The Best Lawnmower Beers of the Season

lawn backyard beer

Much of the U.S. is on to its warmest weather of the year, so it’s time to grab a lawnmower beer to quench a parched mouth.

Sure a boozy, thick stout can satisfy in the depths of winter, but they just won’t do when the sun shines hotter than the rest of the year.

Now more than ever breweries are focusing on making light beers in both mouthfeel and alcohol while packing in flavor. Light lagers are still a go-to lawnmower beer, but if a PBR, Hamm’s or Schlitz don’t sound appealing, grab one of these beers perfect for the dog days.

Session IPAs

Session IPAs have taken the beer world by storm the past several years and why not? IPAs are still the most popular beer style among craft fans, so a lighter version makes sense for backyard barbecues and long outdoor trips.

Normally under 5 percent alcohol by volume, these beers are perfectly suited for mowing the largest of yards. Breweries are also simply expanding the idea of “session” to other beers as well.

Founders All Day IPA

Widely Available and Great examples:

Founders Brewing Co. All Day IPA – This beer is leading the charge for one of the largest and fastest growing breweries in the U.S. It drinks like a full-flavor IPA at 4.7 percent.

Firestone Walker Easy Jack – The beer’s light but flavorful ingredients shine through his floral, citrus and bready beauty.


An almost extinct type of beer from a coastal city in Germany, called Goslar, Gose offer an extremely light in alcohol and high in flavor option for beer.  Traditionally the beer is brewed with salted water, wheat, as well as yeast and lactic bacteria.

Gose are a tart beer and an exceptionally executed example can nearly come across like a great lemonade. The style is ripe for additives, especially fruit.

anderson valley goose beer

Widely Available and Great examples:

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez – One of the grand daddy’s of craft beer, Sierra Nevada launched Otra Vez in 2015 and is crisp, tart and loaded with grapefruit and prickly pear.

Anderson Valley goses – Anderson Valley was one of the first breweries to send its goses across most of the country with variations like The Kimmie, The Yink, & The Holy Gose, Blood Orange, Briney Melon and G&T.


Despite being a rebellious bunch, craft breweries are beginning to explore the yeast style many so vehemently opposed because of the big breweries.

Whether it’s Pilsner, Vienna, helles, marzen or bocks, more breweries are starting to serve up lagers.

sierra nevada summerfest

Widely Available and Great examples:

Victory Brewing Prima Pils: Light and hoppy, Prima Pils is a great example of an Americanized version of a classic style.

Sierra Nevada Summerfest: It might be the perfect lawnmower beer to transform a macro beer drinker. Light, unobtrusive in flavor and available nearly everywhere, it’s perfectly crushable for anyone when the weather’s warm.