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The 11 Best Canned Salmon Brands for a Healthy Lifestyle in 2022

If there’s one healthy food that most people wish they’d eat more of, it’s salmon. And while you shouldn’t ignore the merits of a perfectly-cooked fresh salmon from your local fishmonger, sometimes life gets in the way. But there’s hope for your palate, your wallet, and your waistline, and it comes in a can. Canned salmon is an easy and affordable solution that takes cooking out of the equation, but still delivers the same delicious flavors and nutritional value of fresh fish.

No need to spend hours in the kitchen when you can get all the benefits of salmon right out of the cupboard. You get to enjoy the same rich flavors and nutritional value with none of the work and, if you’re really in a rush, none of the dishes. Mealtime has never been easier than this. Whether you’re making a quick salad for lunch or savory tacos for dinner, canned salmon is the better protein choice for health-conscious home chefs who also care about the environment. With today’s sustainable fishing methods, making the right decision is easier than ever. Save time, satisfy your hunger, and support your healthy lifestyle with the best canned salmon for your kitchen.

Best Sustainable: Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon

Straight from the waters of Alaska comes the sustainably sourced Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon. Wild caught and canned fresh, this boneless and skinless pick preserves all of the fish’s natural juices, so you get a nutritious and flavorful meal. Choose the best salmon for your body and the environment by reaching for this eco-friendly and mouthwatering canned salmon.

Best Low Mercury: Safe Catch Wild Pink Salmon

With the lowest mercury of any brand of canned fish, the Safe Catch Wild Pink Salmon is a handy solution for your pantry. It’s made from hand-picked raw wild salmon steaks and slow cooked to perfection, eliminating the need for any fillers, preservatives or other ingredients. Just wild caught salmon that’s low in mercury and high in flavor.

Best for Camping: Patagonia Provisions Wild Salmon Variety 6 Pack

Venture into the wild with the gourmet flavors of Patagonia Provisions Wild Salmon Variety 6 Pack. A must-have for your next backpacking trip, these lightweight meals are healthy, eco-friendly and satisfying. With enough for every day of adventure, these reliable pouches will fuel your most challenging hikes and intense rock climbing.

Best in Oil: Bumble Bee’s Premium Smoked Coho Salmon in Oil

With just the right amount of oil and smokey flavor, Bumble Bee’s Premium Smoked Coho Salmon in Oil delivers all the richness of salmon in convenient canned packaging. These restaurant-quality fillets come from wild caught salmon of premium quality. They’re a moist time-saver that works great in recipes that call for cooked salmon.

Best in Pouch: Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon Pouch

Skinless and boneless, the Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon Pouch is a flavorful alternative to canned salmon. No added liquid means that you don’t need to drain this salmon to enjoy its protein-packed nutrition. Just tear the pouch open and munch on this sustainably sourced wild caught fish that tastes delicious.

Best Traditional: Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon

Canned salmon doesn’t have to be just bits and pieces of fish. With Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon, you get large pieces of fish right out of the can. Perfect for breading or eating in chunks, this easy to serve salmon is all natural and fresh.

Best Smoked: Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon

If you enjoy the smokey flavor of fresh salmon, you’ll love opening a can of Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Smoked Sockeye Salmon. Sustainably sourced and wild caught, this convenient canned alternative is sure to please your taste buds. And for even greater convenience, the company has already removed the skin and bones for ready to eat nutrition that you can count on.

Best Canned Salmon Salad: Bumble Bee Snack On the Run! Salmon Salad

For the busy fish lover on the go, Bumble Bee Snack On the Run! Salmon Salad gives you a ready-to-eat kit that tastes as good as homemade. Keep it healthy and yummy with this creamy salmon salad that also includes crackers, for a satisfying snack no matter where the day takes you. No can opener needed, just pull the tab and enjoy.


Best Without Salt: Blue Harbor Fish Co. Wild Pink Salmon

Keep your salt intake low and enjoy the convenience of canned salmon with the Blue Harbor Fish Co. Wild Pink Salmon. Sustainably wild caught in Alaska, this delicious fish is a great addition to your lunch sandwiches or mid-week dinners. Its chunky texture and clean flavor also make it great right out of the can.

Best Budget: Great Value Alaskan Pink Salmon

Enjoying the goodness of salmon doesn’t have to break the bank when you open a can of Great Value Alaskan Pink Salmon. With only two ingredients, this delicious salmon makes it easy to create your favorite recipes much faster than cooking fish from scratch. Save time and money with this convenient salmon that’s filled with protein, vitamin D and calcium.

Best Salmon Bites: Epic’s Maple Glazed & Smoked Salmon Bites

Athletes looking for a yummy treat love the flavor and health benefits of Epic’s Maple Glazed & Smoked Salmon Bites. At only 80 calories per serving, this wild caught jerky snack is a favorite among fish lovers. With hints of coconut and smokey goodness, this salmon snack keeps your energy up without tasting too fishy.

It’s easy to make the right choice when you have the best canned salmon in your pantry. If you live a healthy lifestyle and love what salmon does for your body, make the switch to canned salmon to enjoy the same great flavors with the convenience of a canned meal.

Is canned salmon cooked?

Yes, canned salmon is already cooked and ready to eat. Just drain the liquids and enjoy with or without the bones. You can also heat up your canned salmon and cook with your other ingredients.

Is canned salmon safe for dogs?

Canned salmon is a tasty treat that you can share with your dog. Just like you, your dog will benefit from the added protein and omega 3s in canned salmon. When looking for the best can for your dog, it’s best to choose canned salmon without added salt and packed in water.

Which canned fish is better tuna or salmon?

Both canned fish are high in nutritional value and choosing the best one depends on your lifestyle and dietary needs. Canned salmon offers more omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D than canned tuna. But a serving of tuna is higher in protein and lower in calories than salmon.

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