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11 Affordable Coolers Under $60 At Walmart

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It’s summertime! That means transporting cold beverages and snacks on outdoor outings with friends and fam. There are many coolers out there; while very nice, some are also costly. There are enough expenses to account for — there’s no need to blow an eighth of the vacation budget on a cooler.

Walmart is the self-proclaimed leader in everyday low prices. When it comes to coolers, they ain’t lying. We tracked down eleven great coolers that will keep your beers cold and your wallet full.

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Ozark Trail 6-Can Soft-Sided Thermocooler

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This handy, 6-can cooler from Ozark Trail is light, easy to store, and great for a hike or taking to the ball game. At under $6, it’s the most affordable cooler on Walmart’s website.

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Arctic Zone 9-Can Soft-Sided Cooler

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Moving up the can-capacity ladder, we have the Arctic Zone 9-can soft-sided cooler. The cooler is slightly larger than the Ozark Trail model. It features a removable hard-body liner for easy clean-up and an adjustable back-saver shoulder strap with an anti-slip shoulder pad.

Igloo 9-Quart Laguna Ice Chest Cooler

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Igloo coolers have been around for decades. That’s because they offer affordable coolers that get the job done. This 9-quart cooler holds up to 13 cans and is perfect for some leisurely fishing off the pier or a quick day trip to the beach.

Arctic Zone 16-Can Zipperless, Soft-Sided Thermocooler with Hard Liner and Smartshelf

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This is the big daddy version of the 9-can Arctic Zone thermocooler. Other than size, the significant difference is the Smartshelf feature. This thoughtful shelf sits above your ice bin and prevents your sandwiches from getting soggy or squashed from being thrown in with the ice.

Ozark Trail 24-Can Soft-Sided Thermocooler

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This 24-can cooler from Ozark Trail is the jumbo version of the previous 6-can model. Although it’s somewhat larger, its over-the-shoulder-strap design makes it easy to transport. Its front and side pouches allow for additional storage of condiments, flatware, or whatever you need for your picnic.

Igloo 48-Quart Island Breeze Ice Chest Cooler

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As coolers go up in capacity, so do they in price. But this Igloo 48-quart cooler is only a few cents more expensive than the 24-can Ozark Trail cooler and holds three dozen more cans. The trade-off with this model is the lack of wheels, which means you will have to tote this around the old-fashioned way.

Coleman 16-Quart Performance Cooler with Wheels

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Wheels are a cooler feature that drastically increases their price. However, this Coleman 22-can, 16-quart cooler is still very affordable compared to other brands. You’re not getting as much capacity as the above Igloo, but you’re also saving your back.

Coleman 50-Quart Hard-Sided Rolling Thermocooler

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For around $12 more, you can have wheels and more than triple the capacity with this Coleman 50-quart Hard-Sided Rolling Cooler. This is a perfect transportable cooler for extended camping trips.

Igloo 60-Quart Laguna Rolling Cooler

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This Igloo cooler has a lot of space for just $40. The recessed drain feature allows you to empty water and replenish ice without taking everything out, making this an excellent multi-day cooler.

Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Hard Cooler with Wheels

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Coming in at just a dollar more than the 60-quart Igloo, this 95-can, 62-quart cooler is our top pick for affordable coolers. With wheels, a drain, and a long ergonomic design, you can’t beat the value of this Coleman cooler.

Coleman 316 Series 120-Quart Hard Ice Chest Cooler

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If you’re looking for the most giant possible cooler at the lowest possible price, look no further. This 204-can capacity cooler will supply a large party with ease. Just make sure you have a friend to help you carry it.

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