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The 8 Best Beer Brews For Your Barbecues

A good barbecue beer is a necessity. And while a lot of cheap lagers will do, the best cold ones are a mix of thirst-quenching, food-friendly, and flavorful.

With the mercury on the up, barbecue beers ought to be refreshing. They can simply accompany you as you work the grill or pair with common barbecue grub like steak, burgers, grilled veggies, salmon, and more. They can even be a part of the recipe, per beer can chicken.

While stouts, porters, and barrel-aged beers deserve your attention, the barbecue beer is generally trimmer and more suitable for the season. This is the time for pilsners, pales, IPAs, fruit beers, and farmhouse options. Here are some that should be in your backyard cooler:

Roadhouse Brewery Pono Life Ale

This collaboration beer between Road House and Maui Brewing is a dandy. A lighter take on the hazy IPA, it’s clean and just 5% ABV, brewed with a touch of Hawaiian passion fruit. It’s one of many tasty beers designed, at least in part in this case, by the Jackson Hole label. 

Blue Point Summer Ale

Blue Point Summer Ale

In the backyard, simple can be best. Blue Point’s Summer Ale is exactly that, a no-frills ale made with just the right amount of wheat malt. It’s fresh and straightforward in the best of ways. Enjoy one on its own as you prep your meal. 


Rome’s go-to beer is incredibly clean and refreshing, the way a pilsner should be. With moderate alcohol content and utter thirst-quenching powers, Peroni is built for the hottest days of the year, made all the hotter as you work the flames with your spatula and tongs. Crack one and travel mentally to sunny Italy.

Anderson Valley Poleeko Pale Ale

Anderson Valley Poleeko Pale Ale

This pale ale from northern California is well-rounded with zest and cracker notes. Anderson Valley makes a handful of solid beers but this one stands out with its even build. Try it with grilled halibut or some corn hit with lime and cayenne pepper.

Reuben’s Brews Wolfsburg Helles

Reuben's Brews Wolfsburg Helles

This Helles lager from Seattle is dry, a tad sweet, and hugely refreshing. The bitterness is quite light and there’s a grassy note reminiscent of outdoorsy fun. Enjoy the beer with a fresh batch of just-grilled oysters.

Fort George Three-Way IPA

Fort George Three-Way IPA

A model citizen within the hazy IPA category, this beer features a new collaborative trio each year, headed by Oregon’s Fort George Brewery. The latest version is beach-y, with candied tropical fruit notes and the right amount of hoppy-ness. Try it with some grilled poultry dressed with a citrus glaze of some kind.

Red Oak Amber

North Carolina’s Red Oak makes a mean amber and it’s perfect with bigger grilled items like burgers, ribs, or Portobello mushrooms. It’s German-inspired and a little nutty in terms of flavor, with enough of a malt backbone to stand up to most foods.

Aecht Schlenkerla Wheat Rauchbier

Responsible for the original rauchbier or “smoked beer,” Germany’s Aecht Schlenkerla has since mastered the style. The brewery’s wheat version is a little lighter while still holding on to enough of its signature smokiness to fare beautifully with whatever is in your smoker.

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