Master the Backyard BBQ with These Helpful Tips

Mike's Hard Lemonade BBQ

When it’s summertime and the weekend rolls our way, all we want to do is hang outdoors. If we aren’t hitting a beach, we are in our backyard with friends. Spending so much time out back, we like to get it right when entertaining so we are sharing with you, our awesome readers, some of the things we have learned to take your backyard BBQ from average to awesome.


  • We are outside right? So that means bugs. Instead of a spray that can blow into drinks and onto food, order a box of Avon Skin so Soft wipes for your guests.
  • Clean that grill! We are big fans of the Grilling Grate Oiler Brush
  • Need a really big cooler? Buy a kiddie pool and just add ice. Now you can keep not only drinks on ice but your salads, fruit and even glasses. Mind blowing we know.
  • Sure meat is awesome but show off your cooking skills and throw some home made pizzas on the grill too. Good for vegetarian friends (cuz we all have them!).
  • Save the world! We have enough Styrofoam in our landfills and oceans. Use biodegradable plates and forks for an eco-friendly addition.



  • We understand how a cooler of beer and a bottle of vodka end up at most backyard shindigs. But how about taking it up a notch? We are down with Mike’s Hard Lemonade but have you ever infused a watermelon with it? Oh yeah. Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s all natural and refreshing flavor make it an awesome drink for those sizzling summer fiestas. With a wide variety of flavors, there’s sure to be a flavor for everyone in your crew to enjoy.
  • Another cocktail idea is a refreshing John Daly. Just use Mikes Hard Lemonade and mix with iced tea.
  • Speaking of. We all need a little booze break in the hot summer sun so throw some tea bags in a big pitcher, add water and let it sit in the window for the day. Sun tea! Throw some lemons and local honey in there and you are good to go.

The Main Course

  • Hot dogs get messy. How about using coffee filters to wrap them in? You know you have them.
  • One of the biggest mistakes people do when grilling is using a fork or tongs to poke or flip meat. Always use tongs! Poking releases the juices and makes the meat end up dry.
  • Instead of your run of the mill grilled corn, try this recipe of cilantro, lime, smoked paprika corn on the cobb. It’s hella easy and your BBQ bros will be impressed.
  • Make enough for leftovers. You killed it today. Save some for mid week dinner!


Grill your Dessert

You got the grill going so why not use it for dessert. Our crew goes, well bananas, for this recipe:

  • Slice bananas in half in their skins
  • Drizzle with cinnamon and honey
  • Grill for two minutes on the flat side and five minutes on the round side
  • Remove from grill and add ice cream and a little whiskey if desired
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