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This secret All-Clad site has massive savings on the best kitchen equipment on earth

All Clad is the best, and now it's less expensive

All-clad set

If you’ve spent any amount of time in a kitchen, be it professional or home, you know that All-Clad cookware is the best there is. This brand has been around since the 1970s and has royally reigned over the cookware world for its high-quality performance, durability, and sleek design. All-Clad’s range of kitchen equipment cooks food evenly, provides wonderful temperature control, and surpasses even the highest standards with its top-quality, U.S.-sourced materials. Unfortunately, all of these incredible perks tend to come at a price. All-Clad cookware and kitchen supplies can be pretty pricy investments. And while those investments are always worthwhile, they aren’t always something on which everyone wants to break the bank.

That’s where Home & Cook comes in.

All clad pan on stove

All-Clad pots and pans – and cookware!

Home & Cook, an authorized outlet store for major international housewares, sells All-Clad cookware on its website at strikingly discounted prices. They’re able to do this by stocking and selling what they cleverly call “factory seconds” – cookware that has very slight cosmetic imperfections. There may be a tiny scratch on a handle, or an imperfect engraving on the bottom of a pan, for example. But these tiny “defects” are completely insignificant and have no effect at all on the cooking process.

It gets better. In addition to Home & Cook’s regular discounted prices, there are monthly sales held that knock those prices down even more. Right now, the “Fall Doorbusters” sale is happening, advertising incredible deals such as an originally $150 All-Clad roaster and rack set on sale for $49.99. There’s also an All-Clad sous vide immersion circulator marked down to $89.99 from $300 (you know we love our sous vide).

It’s important to note that while cookware sets and bundles may be tempting (and there are some intriguing ones on the site), it’s always better to invest in classic staples that you’ll use often. Pieces like saute pans and stockpots are the little black dresses (or bowties) of the pantry – timeless pieces you’ll turn to over and over again. Of course, you know your cooking habits better than anyone else. If it’s that 3-quart stainless fondue pot you’re eyeing, go for it! With discounts like these, you can afford to.

The site will ask you to create an account, which is really just a matter of entering your email and creating a password – no credit card necessary. And then, you can simply sit back and partake in a little guilt-free online shopping. For those of us who are used to Amazon Prime, the longer 10-15 business day shipping process may take some getting used to, but these prices make that wait so worth it.

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