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Theragun Deals: Save $50 on the Theragun Prime & Pro at Best Buy

Fitness enthusiasts and others looking to take care of their body know that having one of the best massage guns is a great idea, and right now you can catch a great discount on two Therabody Theragun models. The Theragun Prime and Theragun Pro are both seeing impressive discounts, with free delivery and in-store pickup available for each model as well. Read onward for more details on how to bring a top-notch massage gun home at a discount.

Theragun Prime Massage Gun — $250, was $300

A woman massages her neck with a Theragun Prime.

Whether you’re looking to work out some kinks after a long day at the office or after a long day on the trail, the Therabody Theragun Prime is a perfect massage device for soothing sore muscles. The bushels motor features QuietForce technology for low sound, and the massager is able to deliver up to 30 pounds of force to effectively warm up muscles and release tightness. Smarts and ergonomics make the Theragun Prime an easy device to use, as it is able to sync via Bluetooth with your portable for convenient control and guidance, and the handle design makes it comfortable to use even when reaching distant body areas. It’s a great option alongside the benefits of foam rolling, and you can even give yourself an extended massage, as the battery is able to reach up to 120 minutes of use per charge.

Theragun Pro Massage Gun — $500, was $600

A man massages his arm with a Theragun Pro.

If you regularly work out or have aches and pains at the end of the day, you probably already know the benefits of a massage gun vs. foam roller. And if a massage gun is your relaxation tool of choice, the Therabody Theragun Pro is a powerful, quiet, and commercial-grade option. In fact, it’s the most powerful commercial-grade massage device available and is quieter than ever with the implementation of QuietForce Technology. It even includes Percussive Therapy, which comes from the Therabody app once it’s connected via Bluetooth to your smart device, and delivers customized wellness routines pull from your activity data. The app will also guide you through each wellness, routine, showing you all of the great ways the Theragun Pro can help enhance your life. Built-in preset routines, an OLED screen, a customizable speed range, and up to 60 pounds of no-stall force round out the premium features of the Theragun Pro massage gun.

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