Winter Running Gear: Equipment to Help You Brave the Cold

We’ve all fallen victim to cold weather conditions getting in the way of our exercise. Just because the cold weather has arrived doesn’t mean you need to give up on your usual running routine.

In fact, your heart rate and dehydration levels will be lower in cold temperatures, making it easier to run farther and longer while reducing the stress your body endures during high activity. Of course, you’ll need some equipment to help you persevere through the elements. With the right winter running gear, you’ll be able to keep your training no matter the weather.

We’re talking gear that will not only keep you warm, but also make sure you don’t overheat while doing so, and, most importantly, will make you clearly visible to motorists during the overcast days and pitch-black nights from October through March. We also tossed in a few handy accessories to make your run seem less challenging and more enjoyable.

Pyrenees MX LS Hooded Shirt – $68

One piece of equipment you’ll want to be sure to grab is a lightweight, long-sleeve shirt that will keep you warm and won’t weigh you down. With support from its ultra-soft, high-performance material, Pyrenees’ hooded shirt is exactly the technical companion you need to get you through those cold runs through the city. Its functionality is furthered by a contour-paneled hood for ultimate comfort without sacrificing your peripherals, a viewing spot for your GPS smartwatch on the sleeve, pull out gloves, and to top it all off, the minimal design looks fantastic on almost everyone.

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Uniqlo HeatTech Tights – $15

Uniqlo offers simple solutions for any situation and its running tights can attest to that. Tights are perfect for keeping your legs warm while running in low temperatures, providing the insulation you desire and flexibility you need to push through cold conditions. Uniqlo has incorporated argan oil to maintain this flexibility whether it’s hot or cold, an updated stitch for enhanced comfort, and its DRY tech to protect against sweat and the odors that come along with it.

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Balega Enduro Running Socks – $15

A successful run starts not only with the shoes you’re wearing but with the socks underneath them. Believe it or not, a sufficient pair of running socks can make most average running shoes comfortable and effective. Balega’s enduro socks are mid-weight and medium cushioned, sporting a coveted V-Tech Arch Support System which perfectly molds around your foot for ultimate comfort while also delivering impact resistance. The socks offer exceptional moisture wicking fibers and microfiber mesh panels to keep your feet from overheating.

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FuelBelt Neon Vest – $20

You’re only given so much daylight during the cold season, which means you need to protect yourself by staying visible to surrounding cars and bikes while making your way through the city or suburban trails. FuelBelt’s neon vest boasts an ergonomic design that is soft, lightweight, and breathable and provides a full range of motion. Its hi-viz reflective accents make you visible up to 360-degrees, too, which means you will be noticeable in any environment from dusk to dawn.

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Bindi Headlamp – $60

Another great way to stay visible in drab, dark conditions is by sporting a headlamp. The Bindi headlamp is an ideal grab for these moments. It providing you with 200 lumens of power and ultimate convenience with a lightweight, adjustable fit on your head, in your palm, or even around your neck. It charges easily via USB and offers a red light feature that works best at nighttime because it won’t blind surrounding onlookers. How thoughtful!

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Manzella Windstopper Gloves – $35

Running gloves are a must-have when considering your winter running gear essentials. Manzella’s silk-weight gloves are extremely light and breathable, but also block out any brisk breeze that might whip up on your route. The gloves cover your wrist with an elastic band to prevent any wind chill or moisture from reaching your bare hand and its fingertip grips allow for basic tactile function on your phone or GPS smartwatch without having to stop and remove your gloves.

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Tough Headwear Skull Cap – $12

The Tough Headwear skull cap provides you and your ears with the heat retention you need without making you sweat – its moisture wicking polyester-spandex fabric takes care of that. Tough Headwear even ups the ante with a lifetime warranty, so any rips or malfunctions with your cap will be covered completely.

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Garmin Forerunner GPS Watch – $120

One thing that is proven to be an essential tool for any training routine is tracking your runs to make sure you know how far you’ve gone and at what pace. A Garmin smartwatch is a great tool to keep track of these components. Garmin’s Forerunner features a built-in GPS system that is easy to use, offers a sleek and minimal design, and works without needing a phone. It boasts a heart-rate monitoring system and it provides you with vibration alerts to notify you of running prompts, including when you’ve reached your training goals, milestones, or if you’re running off-pace.

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Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones – $149

Last but not least, you’ll likely need some motivation to keep a steady pace and push you through your run. And what better way to motivate yourself than with music. A pair of earbuds is an absolutely essential aspect of your winter running gear collection, so finding a pair that works well in cold weather, provides ample sound quality, and fits comfortably is important when considering earbud options. The Bose SoundSport headphonesgives you all this and more. With wireless convenience, easyBluetoothh compatibility, quick charging times, as well as sweat and weather resistance, Bose offers arguably the best exercise ready headphones on the market.

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Now that you’ve got the gear, check out some useful tips for running out in the cold.

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