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Sailing in Style: What to Wear on a Boat

The date’s set, your bags are (almost) packed, heck, the boat’s at the dock. Don’t head out of town yet, though: You’re going to need to know what to wear on a boat, and as soon as possible, at that. Take a little old-school inspiration in the form of a rugged fisherman’s sweater, throw on some tailored swim shorts, step out in boat shoes that are land and water-ready, then consider yourself geared up to hit the water in style.

After all, this is no time to pull any punches. You might meet relentless or driving winds on the water, and perhaps on the same day — there’s no excuse not to be ready to embrace whatever the high seas (or the lake, or the river!) bring your way. Our stylish picks for what to wear on a boat can help cast off the right way.

Pedro and Tailor Tee  

Pedro and Tailor Tee

A T-shirt becomes more than just a T-shirt if you find the right one, and Pedro & Tailor has carefully crafted this essential tee to work more than stylish no matter where it goes (yes, on and off the boat). Made with soft, American-grown Supima cotton, it’s a tasteful and cool summer tee you can wear to grab a beer back on the mainland.

Howler Brothers Aguacero Jacket

Howler Brothers Aguacero Jacket

Hey, we told you it could get choppy and windy out there. Keep this functional, adventure-ready rain jacket on hand from a brand that knows a few things about the great outdoors.

Huckberry Canvas Snapback

Every guy needs a well-worn, much-loved hat with some stories to go along with it. For tales of adventure (and relaxing days) on the water, get this durable, cool-as-heck canvas snapback from Huckberry.

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