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What to Wear: Skateboarding

wear skateboarding what to

Fall is starting to arrive and the air is crisp, which means there’s still time for you to hit the skate decks until it’s too cold. So grab some slick skate shoes, a comfortable pair of pants that you can do tricks in, a shirt, backpack and don’t forget about safety — get a helmet and knee pads too.

Now you can go to your closest skate park looking all fresh. Or you can just skate down the street. Skating is fun. Skating is cool. Skating will get you places (literally). Just remember to pick up some fresh threads so you don’t look like a slacker. We promise you’ll look that much better when you skate. Or you can just wear these clothes and pretend to be a skater. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.

Clockwise, L-R: Alien Workshop Dreamland Complete Skateboard, $119 at; Hex Academy Backpack, $39.99 at; RVCA Daggers PVSH Pants, $69.50 at; Triple Eight Brainsaver Skate Helmet, $36.95 at; Supreme Prep Plaid Shirt, Supreme Striped Thermal, $84 at; Bullet Adult Safety Set, $29.99 at; Globe Los Angered Shoes, $100 at

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