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If you’re a WWII history buff, you’ll love these field boots from Viberg

Viberg debuts authentic N-1 Field Boots

Viberg N1 Field Boots

If you consider yourself a history buff with your Netflix history full of World War II documentaries and “Band of Brothers” on repeat, then we’ve got your next shoe purchase from Viberg ready to go. But first, a little backstory. N-1 Field Shoes were often called “boondockers” which originated from the Tagalog word “bundok” meaning mountain. They became a crucial part of the American military uniform during World War II, and were specifically designed for the U.S. Navy.

N-1 Field Shoes: A history

Viberg N1 Field Boot

The N-1 Field Shoes were exceptionally sturdy, made from steer hide suede, and hand treated with dubbin to give them water resistance and durability. They featured a rubber and cord sole that gave them excellent traction in various terrains and were extremely practical in harsh conditions, both combat and weather-wise. In the past, the soles were made from recycled car tires and surplus nylon, which was a strategy implemented to conserve resources during wartime material shortages. They remained popular after the war, and are highly sought after by collectors due to their historical significance.

Viberg N1 Field Boot

Viberg N1 Field Boots

Throughout the years, other manufacturers have created Boondockers but none have made any as authentic as the Viberg N1 Boot. Lucky for you, these have just been made available in the U.S. after a limited release in Japan. Sticking to its reputation for authenticity, Viberg, a Canadian company, sourced the majority of its leather from Horween Leather Co. which was a significant supplier of the material to the US Armed Forces throughout the war.

Chromexcel leather

Horween created Chromexcel leather known as Marine Field Shoe and was intended to be used with the suede side facing outward, not only for aesthetics but simply for the fact that it was much easier to clean. Soldiers in North Africa could easily dump the sand out of their shoes to prevent blisters, and simply for comfort. Who wants to walk around with sand in their shoes?

Sticking to historical accuracy, Viberg N1 Boots feature Marine Field Shoe leather on the uppers and Chromexcel on the tongue. The sole really stands out with speckled Dr. Sole Raw Cord Sole used, made from nitrile rubber compound and hemp rather than the traditional old Nylon.

What to wear them with and what about the price tag?

Viberg N1 Field Boots

The Viberg N1 Field Boot is exceptionally versatile, meaning you can class up a pair of jeans and a simple button-down or even wear them with a suit if you want to make something a little more business casual. Due to their minimalist appearance, especially the color, they go with everything in your closet, meaning they can easily be added to a capsule wardrobe or simply added to your daily shoe rotation.

They’re pretty pricey at $860 but you’ll wear them every day, and don’t forget about the durability. You’ll be wearing these trusty shoes for years to come.

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