Not a Fan of the Flannel? These are the Best Cold-Weather Alternatives

When it comes to cold weather clothing, there’s no question that flannel reigns supreme. It’s soft, comfortable, stylish, and incredibly warm, making it a popular fabric for outdoorsmen and city folk alike. We’re sure most of you probably own a flannel shirt (or 20), and we’d be hard-pressed to come up with reasons to besmirch the beloved material.

twill corduroy denim flannel alternatives blue shirt

However, just because flannel’s great doesn’t mean it’s the only fabric capable of fending off the blistery chill of fall and winter. In fact, it’s just one of many well-equipped for the task.

For some of our favorite flannel alternatives, check out our roundup below! To make things easier, we’ve broken it down into three different material categories: twill, denim, and corduroy.


For those flannel fans out there who want to add a more lightweight layering option to their arsenal of autumnal tops, we recommend checking out a twill shirt. Twill is technically a type of textile weave that produces a distinctive diagonal parallel rib pattern, most commonly seen in cotton garments.

While these tops may not be as warm as flannels, they’re still well-known for their ability to retain body heat, making them a great go-to for the first chilly months of fall.

The 1987 Twill Shirt from J.Crew – $70
twill corduroy denim flannel alternatives j crew alternative shirt

Cut in a roomy, old-school style, this vintage inspired option from J.Crew is crafted with a hefty cotton twill that’ll keep you warm all autumn long. The full cut makes it a great shirt for layering and the tortoiseshell buttons add a playful, classy touch.

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Norse Projects Villad Twill Shirt –  $95
twill corduroy denim flannel alternatives norse projects

The Villad Twill Shirt from Norse Projects combines military and workwear features for a top that’s as functional as it is stylish. Pair with jeans or corduroy pants for a fall look that’s crisp and cozy.

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Traditional Twill Shirt from Lands’ End – $55
twill corduroy denim flannel alternatives lands end

If you’re ready to go twill but don’t want to give up the look of flannel, consider this bad boy from Lands’ End. A classic plaid design gives this shirt a traditional vibe, while the stretch twill fabric allows for fully optimized mobility.

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Another fantastic alternative to flannel is denim, an even sturdier cotton twill fabric known for its distinctive blue color. Though usually seen in jackets and jeans, denim also makes a great material for cold weather shirts and is especially good at protecting the body from gusts of freezing wind.

Indigo Denim Shirt from Paul Smith – $295
twill corduroy denim flannel alternatives paul smith

For a modern twist on the classic denim shirt, look no further than this indigo pick from Paul Smith. A slimming, tailored fit allows this garment to transition seamlessly between casual happy hour drinks, family gatherings, and nights out with the boys, ensuring a full season’s worth of use.

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Riga Overshirt from A.P.C. – $245
twill corduroy denim flannel alternatives riga overshirt

The Riga Overshirt from A.P.C. is a solid choice for guys that are partial to denim, but not so interested in its characteristic thickness. Crafted from thin Japanese denim, this top is breathable and ideal for those fall days that start off sunny and warm but end on a much chillier note once the sun sets.

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Organic Cotton Denim Shirt from Topman – $52
twill corduroy denim flannel alternatives topman shirt product shot

Another solid option is this simple organic denim shirt from Topman. It’s about as classic as it gets, featuring a traditional collar, prominent breast pocket, and a deep blue hue, which could compliment any number of fall staples such as colorful Chinos or bold, patterned cardigans.

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And finally, we arrive at corduroy, a material that’s as capable of combating cold weather as its close cousin flannel. A textile produced with a distinctive “cord” or wale, corduroy is essentially a ribbed velvet whose tight weave makes it phenomenal at regulating body temperature.

Lakewashed Corduroy Shirt from L.L. Bean – $54
twill corduroy denim flannel alternatives ll bean

Built with mid-weight, 14-wale cotton corduroy, this shirt from L.L. Bean is as comfortable as it is durable. Specially washed for an already broken-in feel, this top has a relaxed fit ideal for tailgates, outdoor hikes, or simply lounging beside an indoor fire. Pair with a down vest or thick denim jacket for a cozy layered aesthetic.

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Long-Sleeve Corduroy Shirt from Uniqlo – $30
twill corduroy denim flannel alternatives uniqlo shirt

The long-sleeve corduroy shirt from Uniqlo is a straightforward option that evokes the timelessness of this cold weather essential. Since the top comes in an array of different colors, we suggest incorporating a few of them into your fall rotation.

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I.N.C. Calban Corduroy Shirt – $65
twill corduroy denim flannel alternatives inc

Featuring adjustable roll-tab sleeves and two breast pockets with button closures, the Calban corduroy shirt from I.N.C. is a pragmatic pick perfect for guys on the go. Made from a special cotton/polyester blend, it’s also incredibly mobile, which is great for those moments when you’re running from one heat source to the next.

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