Tread lighter and run faster with Skora’s minimalist shoes

With the chart-topping success of Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run and the bevy of similar books that followed, there’s undoubtedly a growing interest in barefoot running. However, the verdict is still out whether the minimalist running style is short-term fad akin to the paleo diet or a marathon method deeply rooted in our own evolutionary heritage. Nonetheless, the Skora Fit ($95) are specifically designed to mirror the foot’s natural shape, providing lightweight protection while easing the difficulty running with an appropriate whole-foot gait.

Skora founder David Sypneiwski ran barefoot for on pavement for years in an effort to alleviate running injuries before he officially launched the Portland-based company in 2012. Now touting both men’s and woman’s lines in a limited assortment of stylish colors, the shoes revel in minimal cushioning and asymmetrical lacing running the length of the shoe, while featuring a high-abrasion rubber outsole, 16-mm tuned midsole, and an antimicrobial insole designed to control odors.

The tongueless design even incorportates a 3-D printed support pattern and an internal archband, rendering the lightweight materials highly-breathable while retaining natural flexibility and control exactly where you need it most. The aforementioned, injection-blown rubber is also incredibly durable and responsive, offering phenomenal groundfeel when combined with the rounded heel and the anatomically-designed grooves built into the textured outsole. They may need a take several weeks to properly break in, but they’re still perfectly apt for your next training or road— no matter the distance or weather conditions.

Check out Skora online to make a purchase, browse the company’s entire collection of minimalist running shoes — including the Fit and like-minded Form — or simply for more information. 

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