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The 8 Best Looks From Supreme’s Wacky Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Cult streetwear brand Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection just dropped and it’s definitely one for the books. The New York brand is known for its wacky and obscure collaborations, and this season they’re taking it to the next level, from teaming up with Jacob the Jeweler (Drake’s go-to necklaces) to tapping into 90’s nostalgia with the Smurf’s jackets and pants. Other standout pieces include a Double Boxed Crossed hoodie and Supreme Colgate toothpaste (with extra cavity protection, I might add). Supreme’s FW20 collection will follow its regular weekly drops arriving in stores on August 20 and online on August 24. Here are some of our favorite takeaways from the Fall/Winter 20 collection.

Reversible color-blocked fleece jacket

Reversible color-blocked fleece jacket

Summer is coming to an end, and cold weather is quickly approaching, so it’s a good time to start thinking about outerwear. This color-blocked fleece is a personal favorite of mine because it mixes art and streetwear, plus it looks super cozy.

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Orange zip-up sweater

Orange zip-up sweater

I’ve always been a huge fan of Supreme’s knits. This bright orange with a classic blue trim is a great statement piece to add to your wardrobe.

Supreme mask

Come this winter I think we’re all wondering how the face mask will be modified for the frigid weather while still following CDC guidelines. Well, Supreme answered that for us with there heavy-duty mask-hood cover-ups.

Watch Puffer

Watch Puffer

Seamlessly resembling the iconic Rolex Daytona, this puffer is giving off major street cred vibes. It’s covered with the famous watch, which seems appropriate as the Daytona is basically the Supreme of watches in its notoriety.

The Supreme box logo hoodie

The Supreme box logo hoodie

Supreme’s hoodie is probably the pinnacle symbol of streetwear. Being one of the brand’s staples and most sought-after pieces, it’s been developed into iterations like hoodies, tees, and jackets, and rendered in multiple colorways. Now, the brand has doubled the iconic box logo and shaped it into a cross (fitting, given Supreme’s cult-like following).

Camouflage Smurf Gore-Tech Jacket

Camouflage Smurf Gore-Tech Jacket

The Gore-Tex jacket and pants in camouflage are an ode to simpler times. Reminiscent for many of childhood lunch boxes and the 90’s TV show — and a little “vintage” memorabilia for us Gen Z’ers.

Supreme Colgate toothpaste

Supreme x Colgate toothpaste

For me, I always look forward to the accessories Supreme debuts in every collection. This season — Colgate toothpaste (Can we consider that an accessory?) The novelty of the accessories and quirky puns are what make Supreme, well, Supreme, and the upsell on these items isn’t too bad either — so I’ve heard.

Air Force 1s Supreme

Air Force 1s x Supreme

The classic Air Force 1’s that first debuted in the Spring/Summer 20 collection is back again! Just in case you missed them the first time hopefully you won’t this season. Seeming to be an evergreen staple of the Supreme line — I think their’s will be here to stay year round.

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