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You could soon buy a Rolex and write it off as a charitable donation (maybe)

Paddy the Baddy is turning his Drake-gifted Rolex watch into a charity opportunity

Paddy Pimblett is one of the premier fighters on the planet and has made a name for himself by dispatching his foes quickly and efficiently. As a matter of fact, he so efficiently dispatched an opponent so decisively last year that he assisted Drake in winning a double bet of over $3 million. To show his gratitude, the musician gifted the fighter with a beautiful Rolex watch.

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While the piece is one that most people would cherish and keep on their shelves forever, likely showing to every person that enters with the humble brag that Drake himself gave it to them, Paddy the Baddy is taking a different approach. The combination of the luxurious brand and the novelty that Drake bought it specifically for Pimblett means the watch could fetch a whopping $50,000-$65,000 on the market. The fighter sees an opportunity to use that money to jump-start another one of his ventures close to his heart.

“I want to get some funding for my charity, and that’s the first thing I want to do,” he said in a social media post. “I want to auction that watch off that Drake brought me. No disrespect to Drake, but I know for a fact that because Drake bought the watch for ‘Paddy The Baddy,’ that watch will go for a lot more money.”

Paddy plans to auction off his Rolex from Drake for charity 👏 #UFC282

— ESPN MMA (@espnmma) December 10, 2022

Earlier this month, Paddy launched his “The Baddy Foundation,” with two focuses. The first is feeding all children who are eating from food banks, and the second is focusing on men’s health.

While Paddy is looking to make a difference with his foundation, he recognizes that his ability to reach his goals is money driven. He previously commented that once he becomes a name at the level of other fighters like Conor McGregor, he wants to ensure that no child is eating from a food bank.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

What this means for you is that you may have the opportunity to pick up one of the most luxurious timepieces on the market with an extra value tacked on for a once-in-a-lifetime price. Of course, you will have to drop the same kind of money for a new Lexus to go home with the Drake watch, but the purchase has multiple benefits.

The first is that you can be one of the leading investors and lightning rods for the beginning of a foundation focusing on feeding children and improving men’s health. Your purchase of a beautiful Rolex will pull many children out of the lines and food banks and go towards the research to improve men’s health and reduce suicide.

Additionally, when you purchase an item at a charity auction, you can get a tax-deductible refund! If the watch is worth $50,000 at the auction, it may go for $65,000 or more, depending on the crowd’s demand. You can claim a tax deduction of that additional $15,000, making it a win-win for you and the children. While that is a lot of cash to put down upfront, the watch is more than worth it, and The Baddy Foundation is taking steps to ensure it is worth it for everyone involved.

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