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You can now get the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra with a glossy, elegant black dial

Check out this classy Omega Seamaster

three Omega black dial watches
Omega / Omega

Although the Seamaster Aqua Terra collection might not be the most flashy statement line under Omega’s belt, it’s surely one of the most elegant and sleek lines available. While this collection already carries various colorways, Omega has recently released a new elegant option for those looking for the perfect dressy timepiece. For Omega’s latest addition, the company has turned to a rich noir hue to further cement the Aqua Terra collection as a must-have for all formal events. While a simpler piece, the newest Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch doubles down on the quiet luxury style while giving users all of the quality features known to Omega. The perfect formal watch or gift for the person who loves to dress up, the new black glossy dial is an elegant add-on for any collection.  

Omega’s Seamaster Aqua Terra in Black

Omega Aqua Terra
Omega / Omega

Straying from the Aqua Terra’s nature hues, Omega has released a sleek black lacquer dial that’s simple but enticing. The new black glossy dial creates a luxurious contrast against the white Super-LumiNova hands and indexes. Complementing this contrast are trapezoidal date windows and sharp triangular indexes on the 41mm and 38mm models. On the smaller 34mm watch, you can expect a round date window and sailboat-shaped indexes. 

With three size options, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t love this newest Aqua Terra addition. On the inside, the watches are equipped with a Master Chronometer-certified movement visible thanks to the piece’s sapphire crystal caseback. The 41mm size contains Caliber 8900 with 60 hours of power reserve. The 38mm and 34mm sizes are equipped with Caliber 8800, which gives 55 hours of power reserve. Despite this small difference, all three watches are water resistant up to 150m and have a sleek stainless steel bracelet. Although this new black option doesn’t offer anything drastically different than its predecessor, it does fill the gap of elegant, formal watches that were missing from the collection. While the previous colorways are chic in their own right, this black dial gives you a sleeker and classic option that fits perfectly for any special event. 

Where can you grab an Aqua Terra watch?

Omega seamaster aqua terra
Omega / Omega

If you’re interested in adding an elegant option to your watch collection, the three sizes are available on the Omega website for $6,600 each. While out for your black dial Aqua Terra, check out the more casual and original versions of the collections. Available in more robust colorways, the Aqua Terra also comes in an ocean-inspired blue and earth-inspired red. Other options include green, sun-brushed steel, and classic silver steel. All of the previous colorways also include the same technical characteristics as the newest black dial additions.

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