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The Mission Workshop Khyte Sets a New Standard for Messenger Bags

Over the last decade, Mission Workshop has garnered a cult-like following for manufacturing some of the best technical bags. October 2019 marks 10 years since the company was established, and to celebrate, the urban bag experts have released a new pack that sets the bar high for messenger bags going forward.

The Khyte - Weatherproof Laptop Messenger Bag

Typically, Mission Workshop crafts each bag with a specific lifestyle in mind, whether it be modular designs for commuters or handy camera carriers for photographers. The Mission Workshop Khyte messenger bag is the brand’s most advanced yet, catering to every urban dweller.

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Like all of Mission Workshop’s packs, the Khyte is handmade in small batches at a San Francisco-based factory. Designed with superior functionality to keep all your necessities dry and organized, the Khyte messenger features a weatherproofed double-layered high-tenacity HT500 textile to protect your documents and gadgets as well as an abrasion-resistant A&E Permacore thread that will stand up to the elements for years to come. And, if for some reason it doesn’t, the brand offers a lifetime warranty on all its products.

The Mission Workshop Khyte messenger bag keeps all of its complex attributes in the technical realm, but it doesn’t forget about appearance. The bag, which is offered in six colorways, features a stylish and simplistic design that adds plenty of fashion-forward flair to your everyday confidence and offers the flexibility to be worn as a cross-body messenger or a shoulder bag.

One of our favorite design components is the magnetic Fidlock V-Buckles. If safety is important to you, these are the highest quality magnetic buckles on the market, offering easy-to-close buckles and a secure snap that dons a continuously strong locking force. The bag also offers a magnetic flap over its top zippered pocket for some added security.

For added versatility and customization, the bag is equipped with three Arkiv rails for attaching some of the brand’s utility accessories, including Mission Workshop’s new zippered tech accessory built specifically for the Khyte messenger bag. 

The added accessories are handy for holding all of your small gadgets such as cell phones, chargers, headphones, sunglasses, tools, and more, while the bags’ built-in pockets are designed spaciously to organize your everyday necessities. Lastly, the bag hosts a safe and secure, padded 15-inch laptop compartment.

We had the opportunity to test the Khyte messenger bag for a couple of weeks and we must admit, we absolutely love it. It’s one of those bags that will quickly become your favorite everyday bag. It feels lightweight on your shoulders even when it’s packed to the brim, spacious enough to carry everything you need for the day, and most importantly, offers the durability and security you desire.

Officially released in early October, the Mission Workshop Khyte messenger bag is available for $335 at the link below. 

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