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Merci, Hodinkee team up for limited edition dress watch with Parisian flair

Hodinkee, Merci partner for Beaumarchais H02 collab

Merci Instruments Beaumarchais H02 Limited Edition for Hodinkee

Mention the name “Hodinkee” and even a watch novice will nod their head in acknowledgment as it’s a well-known power player in the timepiece community. They recently collaborated for the second time with Parisian brand Merci, located in the Marais district, and they offer a range of curated items like clothing and home decor. The result is the Merci Instruments Beaumarchais H02 Limited Edition for Hodinkee. If you’ve ever scrolled through Paris street fashion on TikTok or picked up vintage jeans from a secondhand store just to get the Parisian streetwear vibe, then this new collaboration will feel like an answer to your every sartorial prayer.

Hodinkee has teamed up with Merci for the Beaumarchais H02

Merci Instruments Beaumarchais H02 Limited Edition for Hodinkee

Merci Instruments is a subsidiary of Merci, and they bring a laissez-faire yet high-end flare to watchmaking, blending like peanut butter and jelly (or Switzerland and Rolex?) with Hodinkee. Their first collaboration, the LMMH01, debuted in 2020 and featured simplistic colors and a minimalist style. The new Merci Instruments Beaumarchais H02 Limited Edition for Hodinkee has a bit more to it, especially in the dial, and gives off more aviation-inspired energy.

The dial is not nearly as complicated as say, a Breitling Aviator 8 Curtiss Warhawk 41 mm, but it has a similar look and could certainly fit into the collection if we were simply talking aesthetics. While it’s certainly eyebrow-raising considering the watch market at the moment, Merci and Hodinkee decided to forego lume, opting for a more pure, classic design that shines in natural lighting. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal, meaning it’s scratch-resistant for one, but the luxurious element is there as well.

Merci CEO Arthur Gerbi touched on the vintage feel of the design and collaboration, saying, “At Merci, we approached this by creating robust, thoughtfully designed watches that hint at classic timepieces. We do this because we want our watches to be worn, to be scratched, to develop a patina over time. An everyday object should be loved, not idolized. We are an independent watchmaker, and we cherish the idea of catering to a niche audience. Our watches are made for few people, and that is what makes us truly proud.”

Technical specifications

Despite its 1940s inspo, the Merci Instruments Beaumarchais H02 Limited Edition departs from conventional round or square designs and instead has an octagonal case that infuses a contemporary edge into its vintage roots. The case has many textural elements, including a brushed steel rehaut, an anthracite grey hour track, and a vertically brushed center. A blue-painted seconds hand is a nice touch, and its makers have made sure they aren’t forgotten with NYC and Paris inscriptions at 6 o’clock.

The new Beaumarchais H02 features a 36mm stainless steel body with a slim 9.8mm thickness, meaning it can comfortably slip under the cuff of a button-down shirt and blazer at work or look stylish on a short-sleeved polo for grilling some steaks over the weekend. It’s crafted from 316L steel meaning it’s exceptionally durable and water-resistant to corrosion. While the Merci X Hodinkee Beaumarchais H02 might look simple in design, it’s powered by the robust Miyota 9039 calibre with a respectable 42-hour power reserve.

To complement the dial is an 18mm honey brown leather strap fastened with a steel buckle, once again an homage to that 1940s vintage aesthetic. Additionally, it has a decent 10 meters of water resistance for occasional splashes or rainy days.

How much is the Merci X Hodinkee Beaumarchais H02, and where can you get it?

Merci Instruments Beaumarchais H02 Limited Edition for Hodinkee

The new Merci X Hodinkee Beaumarchais H02 is a limited edition with just 500 pieces being made, making it a coveted collector’s item for watch fans and French culture enthusiasts. It retails for $675 and can be purchased through the .

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