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Men’s style: 10 fashion influencers to follow who can help elevate your look

These 10 men's fashion influencers have massive style (and Instagram follower counts)

New job with a different dress code? Just leaving your house to go grocery shopping? Just throwing on “any old suit” or stepping out in the same outfit you just worked out in won’t do for the fashionable man.

However, you may find yourself in a massive men’s style rut. Though men’s fashion can often be boiled down to “just change ties,” you may like being more creative with your look. It’s a fun way to show individuality and stand out in a sea of people following the “just-change-ties” framework.

Enter fashion influencers. No, they’re not just for feminine style. Many men’s fashion influencers have racked up huge followings for their regular, accessible style inspiration. Browsing just a few of their snaps will help you realize that you do, in fact, have something to wear.

Mariano Di Vaio

Username: @marianodivaio

This 33-year-old Italian blogger has served as a brand ambassador for a who’s who of designer brands, including Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss. His feed is curated with styles for multiple occasions, from casual monochrome tracksuits with white sneakers to sharp-but-classy blue-checkered suit jackets. He’s Italian, so you can catch him sporting head-to-toe white after Labor Day without care, much to the delight of his 6.7 million followers.

Phil Cohen

Username: @thepacman82

Many of this men’s style influencer’s early snaps were fashionable flat lays. These days, you can find Phil Cohen, a virtual creative director, making appearances in videos that have become must-sees for his nearly 860k followers. You may not be able to get dressed while jumping in the air as he did in this video (though he does show you how), but you can copy many of his looks. Think reversible knits, slim-fit pants, and all the Levi’s denim your dresser can handle.

Justin Livingston

Username: @justinliv

Justin Livingston moved to New York from Mississippi to pursue a career in fashion. Approximately two decades later, it’s clear he’s certainly stood out in a crowd full of other hopefuls. Livingston has more than 296k followers, and he shares photos of himself looking stylish and well-traveled. One recent post included Livingston blending in with locals in tapered pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a beret cap in front of the Eiffel Tower. Of course, he’s got New York street style all figured out, too. Leather trenches, man purses, faux leather pants, and graffitied layers that prove cozy season is also style season are all recent OOTDs.

Luka Sabbat

Username: @lukasabbat

Luke Sabbat, AKA Mr. Fallback, even makes taking out the trash look stylish. The influencer recently stepped out in Japan carrying a trash bag in cream-colored leather pants and a white three-quarter-sleeved T-shirt. It was impressive. There’s plenty more where that came from, and his feed is made for bold men willing to take fashion risks and make them look stellar. He’s rocked a long white fur coat over sweats, a bright blue Tommy Hilfiger hoodie over a collared shirt, and combat boots with shorts and a man purse.

Will Taylor

Username: @brightbazaar

Will Taylor is an interior design writer, but he’s also garnered a 341k follower count on Instagram for his personal style. He’s recently shared tips on styling jumpsuits, looked fashionable serving as his own pool boy in shorts and a T-shirt, and given off major western (yet cozy) vibes sitting fireside in a cowboy tuxedo.    

Johannes Huebl

Username: @johanneshuebl

One of the most followed fashion influencers with a count of 1 million, Johannes Huebl is a German model, photographer, and designer. His looks are generally classic and accessible. Relaxed jeans and a sweater, as he showed in a recent post taken during a stroll through Berlin, are perfect for fall days, while cuffed denim and a blazer will have you looking effortlessly chic.

Leo Mandella

Username: @gullyguyleo

Leo Mandella draws eyeballs when he steps out in daring styles that match his ice cream and serve as early Halloween inspiration. He’s also drawn more than 707k accounts to his Instagram page. Recent posts have included looks from Versace and Prada dungarees.

Brock + Chris Lin

Username: @yummertime

This account gives 273k followers two influencers for the price of one. Watch them make lounging at a hotel look cozy but fashionable, look like elevated urban cowboys in crisp white shirts and pants and brown jackets from Banana Republic, and prove self-care can still be stylish.

Blake Scott Silva

Username: @blakescott

This LatinX influencer gives a variety of looks. He shows the differences — or lack thereof — between $2,700 and $500 suits. He also looks crisp in all white and LA chic in an open-front collared shirt and a white T-shirt.

Mario Rios

Username: @manurios

You can’t pin Mario Rios down. The fashion influencer’s bio reads simply “moving in different spaces.” His feed shows that, but you’ll never catch him looking jet lagged, as his looks are as varied as his travels. He recently sported a slim blazer and wide-legged pant in Paris and combat boots, leather shorts, and a sweater vest in a shoot for Interview Magazine. A post with a sequined top racked up more than 1 million likes.

Fashion influencers can provide inspirational and aspirational looks to help you figure out what to wear. Each men’s style influencer has his own personality that shines through on his grids. Some show bold and daring looks that play with texture and color, like sequined tops and hoodies over business wear. Others stick to the classics — cool crewneck sweaters, denim, and white sneakers. In other words, there’s likely an inspirational look for you out there. Ultimately, what makes these influencers fashionable is that their styles are personal. Consider taking a bit from each but injecting your own life into your outfit for a look that’s authentically you.

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