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Kanye West’s $1,800 Donda-inspired Jeans Ignite the Fashion World

The endless denim leather jeans recently sported by Kanye West.
The endless denim leather pants recently sported by Kanye West. endless denim

While Kanye West’s 10th studio album, Donda has set the hip-hop world afire (along with a recreated model of his childhood home), ‘Ye has had the fashion world buzzing with his Donda-era attire.

Ahead of an August 26 listening event at Soldier Field in Chicago, the chic music icon was pictured in a new outfit that sparked a sell-off of Gap puffy jackets and earned accolades for his contrasting designed endless denim leather pants. Straying from its usual denim creations, West’s bottoms featured black leather accented by the repeating “endless denim” motif stretching across the back of its legs.

There are two versions of the endless denim leathers, one featuring green and the other white Gothic scripted fonts, each with a premium black leather base. The snazzy slacks sport a classic, five-pocket jean design with matching rivets and buttons, along with distinct, paneled shins. Along with the script, the leg backs show off a rubberized “endless” patch at the waist.

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The clothes match the mood, creating the crackling energy surrounding West, in a now-familiar part of his album rollout strategy. Given that ‘Ye spends as much time focused on his fashion enterprises as his music, it’s an expected parallel move.

And in the Donda era, the endless denim old-world lettering appears along with bullet-proof vests and a noir color palette that pops with primary colors, underscoring a childhood and familial exploration that’s shaped by dark undertones.

This turn away from neutral and earth tones also describes puffer jackets sported at listening parties in Atlanta. Aligning with West’s fashion-forward theme, the jackets were the first items to debut from the June 2021 Yeezy x Gap collection. The $200 bright blue recycled nylon puffy coat sold out on its first day of release. And according to Edited, arrivals since the start of the year are up 56% year-over-year and 34% compared to 2019. This means if you want to get your hands on a pair of these exclusive pants, you better act soon.

Priced at $1,800, both the black leather with Less Green and Black Leather with Less White jeans are now available now on endless denim’s website,

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