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The 5 tweed pieces every man needs in his closet

How to wear tweed, jackets, blazers, and more

man wearing tweed coat
Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels / Pexels

If you want to add sophistication and elegance to your closet, one of the easiest ways is by adding high-quality materials and fabrics. One of these materials, tweed, is known for its elegant texture that can add a significant touch to your wardrobe. While many will know classic pieces like tweed coats or blazers, there are plenty more pieces that you can add this material to. 

Everyday tweed pieces are easy-to-add pieces that can help make your casual items seem much more expensive than it is. Being sturdy and thick, tweed also gives you the benefit of being a long-lasting material that, with proper care, will last for many seasons. If you’re looking to splurge on timeless items that add to your style, you can’t miss a good tweed piece. 

man wearing tweed coat and holding hat
Luca Nardone/Pexels / Pexels

A tweed coat

One of the most classic tweed pieces you’ll find in the store is a coat. Tweed coats are a great investment for various reasons. For one, tweed coats can keep you warm and cozy throughout a chilly winter day without the need for excess layers. It’s also a timeless piece that’ll always look upscale and elegant, no matter the trends. A classic piece, the tweed coat can be the perfect item that’ll bring your look together. 

Because tweed coats often take much more material and warmth, it’s likely going to be a higher priced item. However, it’s an item that you’ll use for years after your purchase and is a great place to start if you’re looking to invest in your clothing wisely. Brands like Banana Republic will often have excellent selections of tweed coats that’ll give you plenty of options on style and cut that’ll suit you the best. 

tweed baseball cap

Tweed baseball cap

While tweed baseball caps might not be the first thing you imagine when you hear of tweed clothing, it’s an excellent option for those who want to get on board with the material in a more subtle way. Baseball caps, or any other hats, are a great casual item that can often be the staple of your everyday looks. 

Upgrade that worn-out baseball cap for an elegant tweed alternative that still gives you the sporty look with a more sophisticated style. There’s no need to completely change your casual look, as a small addition like a tweed baseball cap can be enough to add a high-end touch to your style. 

model wearing tweed bomber jacket

Tweed bomber jacket

Because tweed is thick and warm, you’ll likely find it in your favorite outerwear pieces. However, a coat doesn’t always fit with everyone’s lifestyle, making it difficult to add to your daily style rotation. A tweed bomber jacket is the perfect alternative to the coat that gives you that warmth without the bulkiness. Bomber jackets are great pieces that can be worn from fall to spring, making them versatile pieces that stay in your closet for most of the year. 

Adding a tweed bomber jacket to your closet gives you more of a mix of this vintage material with a more modern design. For those afraid of having their tweed piece completely alter their look, a tweed bomber jacket is the perfect transition piece to help you slowly elevate your look without much change. 

man wearing tweed black blazer
cottonbro studio/Pexels / Pexels

Tweed blazer

Besides coats, tweed blazers are a staple of the material. While many associate the piece with professors or academics, it’s the perfect piece to have in your wardrobe for special events. A tweed blazer offers more texture than your typical blazer, giving a different look than most. Tweed blazers also give you a soft and elegant touch you can wear during chillier days when it may be more challenging to wear a typical blazer. 

While tweed blazers typically get the reputation of being stuffy or over-dressed, some cuts and colors can help make it into a more casual option. Opt for neutral colors like tan or gray for an everyday option, and utilize darker hues for special events. You can also use prints and designs with tweed for a more professional and sophisticated look or opt for a solid-colored choice that is easier to combine with everyday clothing options. 

man wearing tweed sweater
Iqbal farooz/Pexels / Pexels

Textured tweed sweaters

While less mainstream than other tweed options, a textured tweed sweater is the perfect transitional piece that adds to your wardrobe without distracting. Unlike typical tweed items, tweed sweaters are typically made of thicker fabrics with the typical speckled color added to them to mimic the look and feel of tweed. While they still provide warmth and coziness, these textured sweaters will help give you the touch of tweed in your day-to-day. 

These sweaters are perfect casual pieces that you can add over your T-shirts for a chic layered look or wear alone for something more lightweight. With plenty of opportunities to style your sweaters, it’s a piece that’ll give you many outfit options for years to come.

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