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H&M’s Edition by John Boyega Shows Off Sustainable Style

John Boyega rocking out his new Edition collection at H&M.

“If there is anything in life that I can believe in, it’s that we contain multitudes,” the English-born actor John Boyega says, opening an H&M promo video not in his native English, but in the Yoruba tongue of his descent. 

Inspired by Boyega’s embrace of his many selves, often via stellar acting, clothing manufacturer H&M collaborated with the actor on Edition, a new collection released at the end of October. The new clothing line places sustainability first, manufacturing stylish threads from recycled, organic, and innovative materials. Boyega uses this line, his duality, and fame as a platform to call for a positive evolution and considerate consumption.

“John Boyega is a brave leader of a generation that’s speaking up for change, believing there’s a better way to treat each other and the planet,” Ross Lydon, H&M’s head of menswear design, said in a press release. “H&M is proud to team up with John for Edition by John Boyega, a contemporary, more sustainable collection for men.”

Edition fuses effortless workwear with floral prints and tie-dye patterns. In line with H&M’s commitment to move fashion into a greener future, the collection is manufactured using sustainable materials like cotton recycled from textile-production waste and post-consumer waste, recycled nylons and polyesters, and sustainably sourced viscose fibers.

Key pieces include a striking checked coat, made in part from premium Italian recycled wool that delivers an unforgettable impression. A timeless organic cotton striped shirt has a roomy cut, while a zip-off puffer jacket, quickly transformable from jacket to vest, is crafted from the innovative Vegea material. 

Shirts and pants feature a relaxed feel, ideal for the holiday season. For cool days, Edition’s knitted green cardigan and yellow rollneck both provide roomy silhouettes. In line with messaging, a new pink tie-dye sweatshirt and the t-shirt are each emblazoned with the message that, “A better present leads to a better future,” alongside a planet Earth graphic.

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“I love finding clothes that represent who I am. Even if others don’t like them, I’ll still enjoy how they make me feel,” Boyega states in the Edition messaging. 

The Golden Globe winner stands up for the social evolution he wants to see in the world. In June 2020, for example, the actor seized the microphone to give a heartfelt speech at a Black Lives Matter protest in London. For Boyega, voicing your truth is a powerful tool for driving empathy and change. 

“When someone speaks their truth boldly, it breaks us out of our reality,” Boyega said. “It gives us a moment to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We stop and genuinely start to empathize, or at the very least, understand.”

With H&M’s Edition line, you can declare this commitment to a sustainable future via the clothes that you wear. 

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